Our Two Sense – Mar. 4


Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Jonathan Morales
News Editor
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
James Cannon II
Assistant News Editor
Professors are embracing cell phones in the classroom. What’s another typical “no-no” that should be accepted?
Hats. If I’m going to cheat, I’m not going to use my baseball cap. And saying it’s disrespectful is as old-school as Vanilla Ice. Professors need to stop discriminating students who choose to not show their bad hair cuts, myself included. I would like to see a local venue where students can eat, drink and smoke under one roof. Or they can just allow alcohol in the dorms and simultaneously cut down the UPD man hours writing up “alcohol investigations.” I personally don’t think cell phones are being embraced. They’re forbidden in most of my math classes during tests. Math teachers should realize students sometimes forget
calculators, and let them use their phones instead.
Students, older than 21 of course, should be allowed to have a glass of wine and a cigarette during class discussions. It would definetly allow for a more social and outspoken conversation. Shy students would also come out of their shells.