Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Mar. 11


James Cannon II
Assistant News Editor
Jason Yurgratis
Features Editor
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Patty McJazzfingers
Ribbon Dancer Extraordinare
Question 1: UNF freshman Steve Hillan hit a home run to give the UNF baseball team a 5-4 win over No. 6 Florida State. What does this say about Hillan’s future career at UNF?
It says he is better suited to play for a school that would attract him national attention. Or maybe he believes in the big fish, little pond scenario. Either way, I don’t really care. It says we should unfairly expect a home run from him in every at-bat. The home run was Hillan’s first collegiate hit of his career. He will no doubt be in the spotlight in the future. Hillan looked pretty good out there, especially for his first time batting in college. I thought I saw him in my dance class, so he must have learned a thing or two.
Question 2: Due to an academic cheating scandal, Florida State University will lose football scholarships, forfeit numerous games and suffer a four-year probation. Will prospects rethink being a Seminole because of this?
After the whole free-shoes incident a few years back, students still consider the university as a shining city on a hill? Athletes who place a high importance on academics will continue to go to Stanford or orthwestern, and the Deion Sanders of the world will continue to go to FSU. I would rather be a cheater than a Gator, but I’m sure a lot of student athletes will rethink going to FSU for college. Those Seminoles need to be whipped by my ribbon and taught that cheating won’t get you
anywhere in life.
Question 3: NFL superstar Terrell Owens recently signed with the Buffalo Bills after being released from the Dallas Cowboys. What lies ahead in this controversial star’s future?
Who cares? TO is the definition of overexposed and overrated. Why don’t we discuss current sports screw-ups like Michael Phelps or A-Roid? I hear there is greater news value out there. I’m guessing a few months of blissful on-field production followed by discontent and a disgruntled media blitz. Driveway sit-ups and “accidental” overdoses on painkillers are optional. I don’t understand why people like Owens, but I do understand why Dallas traded him. I wouldn’t want him on my team. Owens won’t be making too many dollar bills with the Buffalo Bills anytime soon. His touchdown dances are quickly going out of style.
Question 4: Alabama State University, along with center Chief Kickingstallionsims, is on the edge of earning an invite to college basketball’s March Madness tournament. Does Chief’s name alone warrant a bid?
Sure it’s a cool name, but it cannot compete with Chief Demondeaconswillwintheentiretournamentanyways. So, now that that has been established, something about a moot point comes to mind. Absolutely. His name also warrants inclusion in the pantheon of great basketball names along with World B. Free and God Shamgod. My eye twitched just saying it. I can’t imagine going through high school with that name. Kickingstallionsims sounds like a great ribbon dancing name. He should really consider switching sports in his future.

Compiled by Heather Furey.