Our Two Sense – Mar. 11


Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
Holli Welch
Editor in Chief
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
UPD recently trained with a SWAT commander. What other UNF staff should spend time training with professionals?
Communication students at UNF need to come train with the Spinnaker because we are hiring. Take my word for it, you won’t get a job after graduation if you don’t. I don’t know who does need professional training, but our landscaping crew definitely doesn’t. The campus is always beautiful and maintained very well. I love looking at the variety of plants we have and just appreciating the wildlife. Training with professionals is never a bad idea – even if you’re already good at what you do. I think the janitorial staff at UNF should train with the White House staff. They sure know how clean up after messes. The IT staff should train with professionals because they have a tough task. They are responsible for keeping students’ information safe and confidential. Shout out to the IT staff at UNF.