Election 2008 Update – Sep 17


Each week, the Spinnaker will be keeping you up-to-date on the 2008 presidential election: who’s leading in the latest polls and where they stand on key political issues.

The Sept. 13-15 Gallup Poll Daily tracking update shows Sen. John McCain (47 percent) and
Sen. Barack Obama (46 percent) locked in a close contest when registered voters are asked for whom they would vote if the election were this week.

Barack Obama

John McCain

Election notes
•  Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin discussed her goals as vice president Sept. 15 at a rally
outside of Denver: “My mission is going to energy security and government reform. And
another thing near and dear to my heart – it’s going to be helping families who have
special needs and children with special needs.”

•  Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader said Congress was passing “panic legislation without due
deliberations, without even having public congressional hearings” in response to news of
a possible automotive bailout for America’s largest three car-makers.

•  In response to Obama’s fundraising problems, Obama officials have refused to
allow House Democrats the ability to include Obama or Biden’s name for fundraising.

• Libertarian presidential hopeful, Bob Barr, won a landmark legal case concerning ballot
access in Pennsylvania. The major-party candidates “will have to compete for the votes of
Pennsylvania citizens instead of taking them for granted,” Russell Verney, Barr’s campaign
manager said in a statement.

Presidential Election countdown
48 days until the election Nov. 4.

Compiled by James Cannon II.