March 2 – March 7


March 2 – Theft (UPD Police Station) – A student reported his art project missing. The life-size aluminum man was located by the roundabout near Lot 18.

March 3 – Information (Building R)
– Student residents notified Resident Assistants about alcohol that was supposed to be picked up from their room. The person never showed up.

March 4 – Theft (Building 53)
– A student’s parking permit went missing from his vehicle. The officer did not find any evidence of forced entry. The student also received a parking ticket for “no parking permit.”

March 4 – Theft (Building 26)
– A student’s shoes and socks were stolen from an unsecured locker in the Aquatic Center. Her other clothes, wallet, purse, credit cards, cash and car keys were still in the locker.

March 5 – Damaged property (UPD Police Station) – A student’s parent who parked in Lot 5 reported damage to his car. The damage was caused by a rod protruding about 5 inches above the concrete parking space marker. The damage was estimated at $1,000.

March 6 – Alcohol violation (Building Q) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Crossings in reference to a drunk student. The officer approached the student’s room and searched it.

A total of 11 bottles and cans of alcohol were found in the student’s room and disposed of at the scene.

March 7 – Information (Building D) – UPD was notified of an intoxicated student urinating on the carpet in his room. When the officer arrived, the intoxicated student was asleep. The RA agreed to let the student sleep in his room. An hour and a half later, UPD was informed that the same student was now urinating into a garbage can.

The student was transported to a behavioral health facility for further evaluation.

March 7 – Drug possession (Lot 10) – A suspicious vehicle was stopped by UPD after being parked in a fire lane more than 15 minutes and driving around campus carelessly. When stopped, the driver approached the officer asking the officer “Why was he following him?”A small amount of marijuana was found in the passenger’s pocket.

Compiled by Andrea Farah.