Commentary: Inside the Huddle – March 25


Rebecca McKinnonI
Staff Writer
Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
April Schulhauser
Assistant Features Editor
Question 1: The UNF baseball team has won six out of 20 games, which puts them in the bottom rankings in the A-Sun Conference. What can the baseball team improve on for the next half of the season?
It should look at what the top teams’ strategies are and develop something similar to help lead it to the top. And practice, practice, practice! Everything. It was my last hope at a successful athletic season during my UNF years. How disappointing. Rather than being the dominant team it was supposed to be this season, it has become over-confident after a few big wins. It needs to take a step back and play more defense. It should stop comparing its stats to other teams and work on a team effort, recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the field.
Question 2: Only three of the 16 teams left in the NCAA men’s basketball March Madness tournament are not from one of the big six conferences. Has the clock struck midnight for Cinderella teams’ chances in the future?
Yes. The big conferences are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook. You would think the teams have been playing in Cinderella’s heels and dress. It’s interesting to see who will end up in the finals though. I hope not! Who would want to be a servant over a Princess? Not the men’s basketball teams, that’s for sure. Remember, boys, you must first lose the glass slipper to get the prince.
Question 3: Nineteen-year-old Steven Stamkos recently became the second highest rookie scorer in Tampa Bay
Lightning history. Are young players such as Stamkos, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin taking over hockey?
Maybe. There certainly is more ambition for success at an earlier age in this generation. These guys are good for the game and will improve the sport’s appeal. Next step – get off the OLN
No. I think it’s just Tampa that is taking over hockey. GO TAMPA!! At 19, most athletes are – or can be – at their peak physical performance. Even though younger players lack experience, they’re vital to a team’s future progress.
Question 4: Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are just a couple of the big names who are planning on to attend The
Players Championship tournament in Ponte Vedra March 27. Is the tournament important to Jacksonville?
Of course it’s important! People drive past Jacksonville on the highway and wave us by on the way to Ponte Vedra. That’s what I call exposure. It’s the most important sporting event in the area outpacing Jags games, the Gator Bowl and anything the Suns can put together. It’s a great weekend to enjoy the game of golf and Florida weather. It’s exciting that Mickelson is coming to Jacksonville. Tiger would be spending his time better if he were to go to anger management classes. Duh. The TPC is one of the most talked-about events all year. Tiger Woods just a short drive away? That’s where it’s at. It will also bring an influx of tourism, boosting our state’s economic status.

Compiled by Heather Furey.