March 9 – March 17


March 9 – Information (Building 53) – Rescue 50 responded to a UNF employee who began to display seizure-like symptoms. She was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital for medical evaluation.

March 9 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 17)
– A Parking Services employee observed a smashed window on a parked vehicle.

March 10 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 17)
– A student found her car dented in the passenger door and chipped paint. An investigation showed it had been struck with rocks.

March 10 – Lost property (Alumni Hall) – A UNF employee reported a laptop missing from inventory. The laptop’s serial number was run through the JSO pawn system with negative results.

March 11 – Theft (Building 38)
– A Parking Services employee observed an altered UNF parking permit inside a suspect’s vehicle. The student admitted to altering the parking permit because he did not have enough money to purchase one.

March 9, 10, 11 – Burglary (Building 41) – Three students who left their automobiles unlocked found their parking decals missing after returning to their vehicles. One of the students stated she didn’t lock her car because there was nothing valuable inside. The value of her parking decal was $160.

March 11 – Burglary (Lot 10) – A student’s car was damaged while parked in Lot 10. The rear passenger side window was smashed out and the frame and door handles were broken. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

March 17 – Damaged Property (Lot 14)
– A Child Care Center employee was transporting a door on a golf cart that protruded 36 inches from the cart.As she was backing up, the door struck the side of a legally parked vehicle causing scratches to each window frame on the passenger’s side. The damage was estimated to be $2,500.

March 17 – Death (Lot 5
) – A construction employee died of natural causes
during a conversation with another employee. UPD officers administered the automatic electric defibrillator before rescue arrived. The 69-year-old man was pronounced dead upon arriving at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Compiled by Andrea Farah.