Fassi files quotes to bring Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s to UNF

Hope Griffin

Student Body President Carlo Fassi quoted the cost for Chick-fil-A at around $700,000.
Photo by Keri Weiland

UNF Student Body President Carlo Fassi submitted a formal quote Aug. 17 for new vendors to be brought to campus.

The posed amount for Chick-fil-A is about $700,000, and Papa John’s is estimated at $210,000, with the funds mainly going toward renovating the two areas to accommodate for the new vendors, according to a project budget submitted by Richard Elmore, the assistant director of UNF campus planning, design and construction April 26.

Papa John’s is set to replace Salsarita’s in the Student Union food court, and Chick-fil-A will move into Sbarro’s current space in Alumni Square.

And although the prices may seem steep, Fassi said he thinks the prices will decrease significantly because the options will generate substantial revenue.

Fassi said he hopes construction will start by the Fall semester’s end.

He said the new food swap is an effort to enhance the campus dining experience at the Aug. 20 Senate meeting, but some students aren’t convinced the swap is a good decision.

“Chick-fil-A does a lot for the community, but to pay for them to come here is ridiculous because there are so many other things that we need,” said Latanika Grant, a UNF communication senior.

Patrick Mahnke, a UNF criminal justice sophomore, said he thinks they’re good options but that they are unnecessary.

“I don’t know if it’s necessary to have those here, since there is literally a Chick-fil-A right down the road,” Mahnke said.

Fassi expects an updated estimate the week of Sept. 3.