Athletics department promotes Lee Moon Jr. to assistant men’s basketball coach

Clayton Tinkle

Lee Moon Jr.

Lee Moon Jr., the newly promoted assistant Men’s basketball coach for the Ospreys, says coaching is all about who you know.

Moon Jr. knows a lot of people in the coaching world including Billy Donovan at UF, Larry Shyatt from Wyoming, and Head basketball coach at Southern Miss, Donnie Tyndall. It turns out that he even knows the Athletic Director at UNF, Lee Moon Senior.

The man who oversees all athletics, and father to Lee Moon Jr., expressed no concern that the relationship between the two could have a negative impact on the team.

“Coach Driscoll hires assistants. He wouldn’t be here if Driscoll didn’t think he was deserving,” said Moon Senior.

Moon Jr. has the experience to back up his connections. When you look at Jr.’s resume the attention should be shifted to what he knows, not who he knows.

Moon Jr, was an assistant at Morehead State University in Kentucky, as well as Fresno State University in California. While at Fresno, he recruited, developed, and helped create some big talent without the benefit on a big name.

Kenneth Faried, the 22nd overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, was recruited by Lee Moon Jr.

“The thing that separates Kenneth, and the thing that I try to show all my players, is his motor,” said Moon Jr.

At Fresno State, Moon Jr., is credited with helping create one of the better three point attacks in the Western Athletic Conference, and helping to develop current Indiana Pacer, Paul George. In George’s freshman year under Moon Jr., he was in the top fifteen freshmen scorers in the nation.

Also under his watch, the Fresno Bulldogs graduated 10 players in 4 years, which was a university record for that time frame.

Moon Jr. was confident he could help at UNF. “I believe evaluating players on the floor from a mechanical standpoint is a strength of mine,” said Jr.

Moon Jr. also suggested that his recruiting ties to California help give him an upper hand here in the South.

“Jacksonville is a great city with a lot going for it. I can use many things here to help me sell UNF to recruits. The beach, the feel here at UNF, and the size of the market, all of it helps,” said Moon.

Moon Jr. has also benefited from a close relationship with Head University of Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan, and refers to him as a mentor.

As for the relationship with his father, Moon Jr. is not concerned with a negative impact.

Said Moon, “I’ve got a lot of responsibility with this promotion. Being on the floor now with the players and having a more active role in recruiting will help keep me busy”

Coach Driscoll, the Head Coach of the Ospreys, expressed his lack of concern as well, stating that Lee Jr. has been in the business and he has the experience in recruiting that could help take the Ospreys to the next level.

Driscoll went on to explain that Moon Jr. is here for a reason. “We get hired and fired for winning, its that simple,” Dirscoll said.

The long-term future looks great here at UNF according to Coach Driscoll. Not only is he happy with his staff, which he says has just the right balance of experience and youth, he is especially excited to bring in someone who fits the system so well.

“[Moon Jr] has a good feel for detail, fundamentals, and developing players. The details are key, they can help a player elevate themselves as well.”

As for Moon Jr.’s future, he wants to be a Head Coach at the college level one day, but he stressed that would be a good bit down the road.

“To be able to run my own program and do so successfully is ultimately my goal,” said Jr.

In the near future, Coach Driscoll made it clear that the staff’s first goal was to bring a championship to UNF. “We play for an Atlantic Sun title every year. That is our main goal year in and year out.”

With the addition of a young coach like Lee Moon Jr., anything is possible. Championships start with coaching, and UNF believes the addition of another experienced coach can only increase their odds of winning a title.