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Jacksonville police officer found in violation in shooting

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office review board concluded a six-month investigation into a six-year veteran police officer’s shooting of an unarmed man who was fleeing police in October.

The board voted unanimously the officer broke internal policy and the case will be sent to Internal Affairs for a closer look.

Once IA has completed their investigation Sheriff John Rutherford will have ultimate control on the level of discipline.

Department standard operating procedure requires officers to fear for their life or the lives of others before using deadly force, which the board questioned.

“In this incident, I don’t see that,” Assistant Chief Ron Lendvay said.


2nd ‘Gold Rush’ in California; gold claims explode in state

California is currently experiencing a second gold rush more than 150 years after the great Gold Rush that propelled the development of the state.

Prospectors are appearing in riverbeds due to the price of gold, the tumultuous economy and a national unemployment rate of more than 9 percent, which leaves a lot of people with time on their hands.

Gold, which is selling for more than $900 an ounce, has been found all over California, from near the Oregon border to the Mother Lode near Yosemite to the deserts of Arizona and Mexico.

Seasonal rains and snowmelt erode minerals, including gold, at higher altitudes and wash them down streams and rivers, according to USA Today.


North Korea leaves six-nation anti-nuclear weapon talks

United Nations inspectors were ordered to leave North Korea April 14 after stating, which they would restart nuclear plans that would create bomb-grade plutonium, said a United Nations spokesman.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a strongly worded statement condemning the expulsion of world nuclear inspectors.

“We are viewing this as an unnecessary response to the legitimate statement put out of concern by the Security Council,” Clinton told reporters in Washington.

The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously condemned North Korea’s rocket launch on April 5 as contravening a U.N. ban and demanded enforcement of existing sanctions.

Compiled by James Cannon II.