May 20 – June 18


May 20 – Petty Theft (Building 43) – An employee called UPD to tell them her cell phone and raincoat were missing.

She said she was not sure where the items were stolen, but according to her service provider someone had made calls after the items went missing. UPD tried calling the cell phone to identify the thief, but the officer’s efforts were futile.

May 26 – Petty Theft (Building 53) – An employee of Physical Facilities left his backpack under a stairwell. He left it there for 45 minutes and upon returning, found it was gone.

The backpack contained his wallet, which had $100 in cash, an Intellikey and a Building 53 access card.

May 26 – Burglary (Lot 14) – A student parked his car and went to the Carpenter Library for 15 minutes, leaving his passenger door unlocked. Upon returning, he immediately noticed his parking decal was missing and contacted UPD.

Since the vehicle was not forcibly entered, UPD could not process the vehicle for latent prints.

June 3 – Theft (Building 43) – A portable generator was missing from the maintenance shop. There was no forced entry to the building. The generator was only discovered to be missing when a technician came to service it. Police have checked LINX pawn records for the generator and have found no record of it being pawned.

June 3 – Theft (Lot 2) – A student parked their vehicle in Lot 2, claiming to have their parking permit hanging from the rear view mirror. When they returned to the vehicle on the same day, the parking permit had been removed.

Due to the lack of forced entry and the lack of printable surfaces, the vehicle was not processed for latent prints.

June 3 – Accidental Injury (Building 5) – A UNF staff member was servicing equipment in the pit by Building 50 when he accidentally inhaled chlorine fumes. The staff member started having difficulty breathing although remained conscious, ambulatory and speaking. Rescue responded and transported the victim to Mayo Clinic for observation. This case was non-criminal and has been cleared.

June 4 – Drug Possession (Building A) – An RA was walking by a room when she smelled what she believed to be marijuana, after which police were notified. The student admitted that the marijuana belonged to him, as well as a resonated multicolored pipe with residue on the coffee table.

Also observed were several empty beer bottles and two empty liquor bottles. All subjects were referred to Student Conduct and the student with marijuana was issued a Notice to Appear.

June 4 – Damaged Property (Lot 14) – A piece of construction equipment accidentally damaged UNF Drive, causing a hole in the road parallel to Lot 14. UPD contacted Physical Facilities, who responded by temporarily filling the hole with gravel. A permanent resolution has yet to be found, according to a police report.

June 9 – Accidental Injury (Building 51) – UPD was contacted after a woman tripped on some carpet and fell, bruising her left knee and hip. She blamed the incident on her new tennis shoes and rejected the officer’s attempts to call rescue, informing the officer that she would let her own doctor evaluate the injuries.

June 17 – Information (Building A) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Village when a Resident Assistant found four unopened beer bottles in the refrigerator of one of the apartments during its inspection. One of the roommates claimed ownership of the alcohol, which was thrown away on the scene, but both were referred to Student Conduct.

June 18 – Information (Building Z) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Hall in order to find a student that had gone missing. He had gone up the stairwell with an unknown male, even after the Upward Bound director warned them not to. When UPD inspected his room, most of his belongings were gone except for two empty bags and one pair of sneakers.