Boathouse acquires liquor license

Gordon Rhyne

Photo by Keri Weiland

The Boathouse recently obtained a liquor license, and is now serving liquor as part of its bar menu.

Korey Konopasek, UNF’s director of operations for Chartwells, said the liquor license cost approximately $3,000. He said the costs included licenses, as well as lawyer fees.

Konopasek said the bar menu will now include wells drinks for $4.75 and premium drinks for $5.75.

Chrissi Jones, a bartender at the Boathouse, said they began serving liquor Oct. 22.

So far, students seem to be reacting positively to the announcement.

Karina Castillo, a UNF business management senior, said she is excited about the addition. She also said she plans to visit the Boathouse more often.

Phil Engsberg, a UNF jazz studies senior, said the addition gives him more incentive to go to the Boathouse.

“I’d rather drink liquor than beer most of the time,” Engsberg said.

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Photo by Keri Weiland