Students may see only 1 fee increase in 2013-14

Stock photo by Keri Weiland


Three campus entities sought fee increases for next year. One requested an fee be instated, and three said the money the current fee gives them will be enough in 2013-14.

But the UNF Student Fee Assessment Committee agreed to recommend one increase after two entities rescinded their requests, and it agreed the UNF Disability Resource Center does not merit its own fee, at this time.

The committee recommended a $1.50 increase to the athletics fee, down 27 cents from UNF Athletics’ request.

That recommendation will go to UNF President John Delaney, to plan next year’s budget with the UNF Board of Trustees.

In an email to Shari Shuman Nov. 13, the UNF vice president of administration and finance, UNF Student Affairs rescinded fee increase proposals for two campus entities: the UNF Counseling Center and UNF Health Promotion.

And the committee agreed to not initiate a fee for the UNF Disability Resource Center after a proposal from the student members of the committee: Student Body President Carlo Fassi, Student Body Treasurer Billy Namen, Senate President Zak Varshovi and Budget and Allocations Committee Chair Chris Brady.

The center requested a fee of 40 cents after the committee agreed to entertain the idea of including the center in the health fee.

Fassi said the 40 cents did not make the student members of the committee hesitant to agree funding the center through student fees. Instead, it was the fact that a limited number of students use the DRC’s services.

So, the center will continue to use money from the education and general fund for its operations, services and accommodations.

Shuman said there are other ways to get additional money to the DRC. The center also receives funding from the State University System of Florida, which center director Dr. Kris Webb said at the committee’s Nov. 8 meeting has remained at a stable rate since the early ‘90s.

She was unsure of the exact amount, at that time.

The activity and service fee, the UNF Student Health Services fee and the transportation and access fee did not seek increases for the upcoming fiscal year.

The BOT is schedule to meet next Jan. 15, although agenda items were not available Nov. 19, according to its website. Agenda items will become available as the meeting date draws closer.