Britt Stromquist writes a letter to the Editor


Britt Stromquist
Britt Stromquist

I’m writing out of frustration with the S(igma) G(amma) article published in the March 27 issue regarding the Greek population in Student Government. Besides violating multiple fact errors, the Spinnaker misinterpreted quotes and appears determined to inspire nothing more than false information.

First, it’s utterly unprofessional to start an article with a quote from almost two years ago with no source attributed. Instead of generalizing the Swoop Squad, give some credibility by naming the person who spoke that day and stated said quote. Additionally, the quote from Kris Dalton poorly represented her in the story. I sat in on the interview and the goal was to share information on the process of joining Swoop Squad. The interview lasted around 15 minutes and one sentence made it to the article. A sentence that failed to depict what Kris explained, and instead insinuated Swoop Squad practices Greek bias. On the contrary, Swoop Squad encourages all students to participate, but rather than illustrating that, the Spinnaker wasted my boss’s time.

It is indeed true Greek students occupy many of the leadership positions at UNF, and the Spinnaker produced the numbers to support this. However, many of the other facts in the article are completely incorrect. For example, Senate President Zak Varshovi did not appoint Senator Chris Brady to the position of Senate President, Varshovi simply nominated him. The article also stated “Kappa Alpha Omega” hosted Derby Days with Sigma Chi. First, it is Kappa Alpha Order, and second, Derby Days is Sigma Chi’s Philanthropy, which supports Huntmans Cancer Institute. While all the Greeks support each other’s philanthropies, the student body will take the Spinnaker more seriously when it starts doing simple research to ensure accuracy.

The most important thing I, along with Student Government and Swoop Squad, want students to know is that you absolutely do not need to be Greek to get involved with this university. Greeks should not be criticized for passionately loving the school and therefore participating all throughout the campus. I honestly want every single student to experience and gain the same benefits from UNF I have through my involvement. Whether through a club, Greek life, intramurals or Student Government, so many existing opportunities are wasted because students fail to take advantage of them. So I urge my fellow Ospreys to go out of their comfort zones and get involved. It’s your money, put it to use and do more than just go to your classes!

Lastly, I want to chastise the Spinnaker for missing a respectable opportunity. The Center for Student Media possesses so much responsibility and power to influence the public’s opinion, and that power is wasted weekly. It could be motivating students to get involved by properly informing them, but it would rather write stories highlighting how different we are up in Student Government from the student body. If the Spinnaker wants diversity up in Student Government, this is not the proper strategy. All this does is create a tension between organizations. We’re all Ospreys, and whether you’re Greek, non-Greek, in student government or walk to and from your car to class every day, we are here to work together, making the community we call home a little better.

P.S. If Student Government really stands for Sigma Gamma do I get a stole at graduation?


Britt Stromquist