Police Beat for the week of July 17

Gordon Rhyne

June 26 Sick Person/Suicidal Person (Osprey Fountains): A UPD officer was sent to the Osprey Fountains in response to a wellness check. Upon arriving, the officer met with a Resident Life coordinator. She said housing was conducting a wellness check on a student, because the student sent a text message to his ex-girlfriend stating his life was over, he was dropping out of school, and he was planning to kill himself. He also asked her to tell his mom he was suicidal and didn’t care anymore. He also asked her to tell his friends he loved them and that he overdosed on something. When the UPD officer met with the student, the student said he broke up with his girlfriend of nine months the night before. He said sending those text messages was a stupid idea. He also said he had no intention of harming himself. He said he was just upset about the breakup. The student was then taken to the Counseling Center.

June 28 Intoxicated Person (Osprey Fountains): A UPD officer was dispatched to the Osprey Fountains in response to an intoxicated person. Upon arriving, the officer met with a Resident Life coordinator who said a student was passed out in the hallway of House 3. The officer asked the student if she could hear him, but she just responded with a slight head-nod and mumble. Two witnesses said they met the student at a club, where the student asked them if they could be friends. The three students spent time at the club before heading back. On the car ride home, the two witnesses noticed the student was unresponsive. They attempted to take her back to her dorm, but she passed out on the floor. The students decided to wait for UPD to respond. She was taken to Mayo Clinic, and UPD contacted her father to let him know about the situation.

June 29 Underage Drinking/Suspended License (Lot 55): UPD officers were conducting speed tests on Osprey Ridge Road with a radar gun. An officer scanned a car heading north and the radar indicated the car was traveling at 34 mph on a 20 mph street. An officer started driving behind the car and turned his emergency lights on. The car came to a stop in Lot 55. The driver was able to give the officer her license, but was unable to provide her car’s registration or proof of insurance. The officer noticed the driver’s breath smelled of alcohol. The officer asked the driver if she had been drinking alcohol, who said she did not have a lot to drink. The officer asked the driver to step out of the car and performed sobriety tests on the driver. Afterwards, the driver consented to a breathalyzer test. She blew a .053 and a .050, both of which were above the legal limit of .02 for anyone below the drinking age limit. The driver gave up her license and the officer issued her a notice of suspension. She was released from the scene and referred to student conduct.

July 1 Sick Person (Building 37): A UPD officer was dispatched to the Tennis Complex in response to a sick person. The officer arrived to find a 17-year-old male on his back next to his equipment bag. He said he was playing in an invitational tennis tournament at UNF. He said he was having muscle cramps. He also said he was feeling dehydrated, and that he had a history of dehydration. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene and transported the him to St. Luke’s Hospital. He was not a UNF student.

July 9 Counterfeit Money (Building 16): Two UPD officers were dispatched to the Osprey Café in response to the possible use of counterfeit money. The cashier said the suspect gave her two $5 bills to pay for his meal. She said she used a detection pen on the bills, which showed them to be counterfeit. The cashier then gave the bills to her manager, who called UPD. The suspect was still in the cafeteria when UPD arrived. The suspect told the officers he thought the bills looked suspicious. He said he thought he received the bills as change from a nearby Kangaroo gas station. He then said he might have gotten them from a Wal-Mart, Target, or Taco Bell. The suspect voluntarily emptied his pockets, and the officers could not find any other counterfeit bills. The bills were turned into the JSO property room.

July 13 Theft (Building 8): A UPD officer met with a student outside of Building 8 in response to a theft. The student said he secured his bicycle to a bike rack with a bike lock the day before, but when he returned, his bicycle was gone. The student was unable to provide a serial number for the bicycle, and the officer could not find the bike after conducting a search of the area.