Peace Corps Info Session Popular Among Students

Peace Corps Info Session Popular Among Students

Natalie Logan

Over 30 students gathered Sept. 10 to hear Chad Chernet talk about what it takes to be a Peace Corps volunteer.

Chernet is the Peace Corps’ North and Central Florida Regional Recruiter.

Career Services Office Manager and Recruiting Coordinator Ann Lelis said the corps’s sessions always have good attendance. She said they are popular because of the benefits volunteers receive during and after the 27-month service period.

Chernet said the Corps currently has 13 volunteers from UNF serving in 12 different countries. In UNF’s 41-year history, 67 of its students have volunteered with the Peace Corps, Chernet said.

Lelis said UNF is now sending about one student to the Peace Corps per semester, even after the Peace Corps’ very competitive application process.

Chernet said the six-step application process takes about 9-12 months.

The Peace Corps is a federal agency that gives requested aid to countries around the world. Its members act as “mini-abassadors” from the United States, Chernet said.

Chernet said that a good Peace Corps candidate is flexible, resourceful, adaptable and competent.

Benefits include living allowance, vacation time, medical and dental coverage, student loan assistance, financial assistance for graduate school, transition funds after the volunteer period is over and more, Chernet said. He said the goal is for volunteers to have no out-of-pocket expenses.

Criminal justice junior Julieta Viteri Lemos said she wants to apply after earning her degree because of the opportunity to help other people.

Chernet said there will be another session for interested students Sept. 27.

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