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SG approves senators, judicial appointees, passes three bills

Natalie Logan July 28, 2014
On July 21, two emergency Student Government meetings and the scheduled senate meeting took place, resulting in two new senate members and one associate justice, an updated 2014-2015 Elections Policies and Procedures, and a travel request approval.

UNF students make artistic bike racks for campus

Natalie Logan February 5, 2014
Four UNF sculpture students were chosen to display their art on campus. From orange fish to electric cords, these students thought outside-the-box for these functional but fun sculptures.

Scott Turow: author and attorney

Natalie Logan November 14, 2013
Turow's most famous books include Presumed Innocent, Burden of Proof and One L. According to his website, he’s won the Heartland Prize, Kennedy Book Award and Time Magazine’s Best Work of Fiction award.

Void and The Elbow connect downtown to the beaches

Natalie Logan November 7, 2013
Two main regions of the United States’ largest geographical city are divided by a half-an-hour drive. Two local companies, Void and The Elbow, want to fix this, so they’ve come up with the idea for The Jacksonville Connector.

Village parking will get worse before it gets better

Natalie Logan November 6, 2013
Next fall’s Osprey Village residents will have 40 fewer parking spaces while a new four-story parking garage is built.

OP hosts Lupe Fiasco, Manchester Orchestra, and Fort Stories for Fall Concert

Natalie Logan October 29, 2013
For this year’s Fall Concert, Lupe Fiasco, Manchester Orchestra and Fort Stories will be performing Nov. 1 at 7:00 p.m. at the Coxwell Amphitheatre, said Osprey Productions Director John Chwalisz.

UNF purchases 3D printer

Natalie Logan October 28, 2013
UNF's Center for Instruction and Research Technology purchased a 3D printer with extra funds from their annual budget.

UNF’s “Living Room”

Natalie Logan October 24, 2013
Since its construction, the Student Union has won multiple awards for architecture, amenities, sustainability and service.

October BOT meeting runs short

Natalie Logan October 15, 2013
The Vice President of Public Relations introduces UNF's new interactive campus map.

Surveillance on campus

Natalie Logan October 10, 2013
Who's watching you?

The Dog Apollo is off the leash

Natalie Logan October 10, 2013
A year and a half ago, four guys met up at the Town Center Chick-fil-A for what would become their first meeting as a band.

SG approves funds for veterans memorial park

Natalie Logan September 27, 2013
Student Government approved $25,000 in leftover student fees for building a veterans memorial park on campus. The park will be between Petway Hall and the Coxwell amphitheatre.

Parking lot construction

Natalie Logan September 24, 2013
Lots 1&2 are under construction to add parking spaces and improve disability parking.

Dean of College of Education and Human Resources steps down

Natalie Logan September 13, 2013
Dean Larry Daniel will teach educational leadership in the Doctor of Education program.

Peace Corps Info Session Popular Among Students

Natalie Logan September 12, 2013
Do you have what it takes to be a Peace Corps volunteer? Chad Chernet speaks about the qualities they look for in volunteers.

Parking ticket prices increase

Natalie Logan August 30, 2013
As of this semester, the cost of parking tickets has increased for some violations to make the citation price reflect the severity of the offense.

Sigma Lambda Gamma’s UNF chapter ranked first nationally

Natalie Logan August 27, 2013
Sigma Lambda Gamma ranked its UNF chapter as the number one chapter across the nation on June 26th.

UNF involved in legal battle over guns

Natalie Logan April 17, 2013

Student Alexandria Lainez is suing UNF for the right to have a gun on campus in the trunk of her car.  The prosecutors filed the case in October 2011. The case was dismissed by the Trial Court based...

UNF updates drive system

Natalie Logan April 1, 2013

As of June 1st, students will no longer be able to access their documents on current campus drives -- known as the H Drive, WebDrive, or the Andromeda drive. The new system, SkyDrive, is up and running. SkyDrive...

Counseling Center creates new after-hours Crisis Line

Natalie Logan March 28, 2013
The UNF Counseling Center has created a new after hours Crisis Line, available 24 hours a day at (904) 620-2602.

Student Health Services hires physician

Natalie Logan March 15, 2013

Student Health services hired Dr. Lisa Dynan-Dobbertein as its new Chief Medical Physician. Doreen Perez, Director of Health Administration, said Dynan-Dobbertein was the first person to be offered...

Sharon Ashton promoted to Vice President of Public Relations

Natalie Logan March 12, 2013
Previous Assistant Vice President of Public Relations Sharon Ashton is being promoted to Vice President of Public Relations.

Red party progress

Natalie Logan March 4, 2013
The Red party clinched the Senate last Fall and now their head, Carlo Fassi, is running unopposed for his second year as Student Body President.

Attendance low at one of last tailgates of the year

Natalie Logan February 22, 2013

Student life hosted a basketball tailgate in lot 18 on Thursday night for very few students. Student Body President Fassi said the that some tailgates may not be successful because this is the first...

University Provost steps down

Natalie Logan February 21, 2013

UNF Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mark Workman has announced that he is stepping down from the Provost position and will return to the classroom. Workman held these offices since...

Professor charged with assault, trial ongoing

Natalie Logan February 15, 2013

Criminology and Criminal Justice Professor Daniel Patrick Pontzer, who was charged with battery in November, went to court on February 5. This is according to the St. John’s County Clerk of Court’s...

After no increase for SG, B&A makes several cuts

Natalie Logan February 5, 2013

Students may see fewer events from organizations on campus because of Student Government cuts to the 2013-14 budget. Of the 32 organizations that requested funds, only one received more than the...

UNF Student wins international award

Natalie Logan February 4, 2013

UNF Computer Science Major Jared Wheeler is one of the four students worldwide to win the Student Chapter Scholarship Award from the Association for Computing Machinery. Out of about 70 worldwide...

Skatepark closed for safety, skaters are not deterred

Natalie Logan January 30, 2013

Due to unsafe conditions, Director of Recreation Becky Purser said the UNF Skatepark is closed. The UNF Skatepark has been closed since before Christmas, after a ramp-coating material called SkateLite...

Delaney Has Plans for 5 More Years at UNF

Natalie Logan January 17, 2013

UF President Bernie Machen’s decision to keep his position has squelched rumors of President John Delaney leaving UNF to be a Gator again. Delaney says he was surprised at the initial nomination...

UNF earns Bronze ranking for sustainability

Natalie Logan January 14, 2013

Our university strives to be environmentally friendly. The flood of events promoting sustainability, numerous environmental organizations and the inclusion of recycling bins across campus are evidence...

UNF Enactus to collect, recycle used electronics

Natalie Logan November 16, 2012
A project led by UNF Enactus seeks to reduce electronics sent to landfills and these kinds of facilities by gathering used electronics around the Jacksonville community.

OP hosts free pumpkin carving, donates pumpkin excess to organic gardens

Natalie Logan October 31, 2012
Whether or not the event happens next year is up to Osprey Productions' next public relations committee chair, said Nick Tillem, OP's public relations committee chair.

UNF Hall renamed after Ann, David Hicks

Natalie Logan October 25, 2012
UNF Hall was dedicated to longtime university leaders at a ceremony Wednesday. Ann and David Hicks have been involved with the university’s development for decades and have been influential in the community.

Pulitzer Prize winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin visits UNF

Natalie Logan October 19, 2012
Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin visited UNF Wednesday to speak about various aspects of her career in history as part of the annual Presidential Lecture Series.

Yellow Party runs on “Different Perspective. Same Objective.” principle

Natalie Logan October 15, 2012
The Yellow Party candidates running in the upcoming Student Government Senate election are hoping to enhance diversity within SG and improve communication between it and the students.

Totaled vehicle on campus aims to enforce dangers of drunk driving

Natalie Logan October 3, 2012
The totaled red Chevy Blazer located at the intersection of UNF Drive and North South Road is intended to represent the consequences of unsafe driving, UPD said.

UNF fraternity, sorority life celebrates National Hazing Prevention Week

Natalie Logan September 28, 2012
UNF's fraternities and sororities spent the week celebrating National Hazing Prevention Week with several events, including dinners and Facebook contests.
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