One last pub crawl in The World’s End

Daniel Woodhouse

Image courtesy of Facebook
Image courtesy of Facebook
No one does British comedy like filmmaking trio Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

The movie follows the story of Gary King, a man who never really grew up after graduating high school. In order to relive the glory days of his youth, he calls up his old mates, who reluctantly agree to join him on a pub crawl in their hometown of New Haven, England. Their goal is to hit 12 bars in one night, ending their night at a bar named The World’s End. Unfortunately, as their drinking begins, the five friends discover their town has been taken over by alien robots disguised as townspeople. These five unlikely heroes are faced with the choice of saving their town from invasion or abandoning ship. They opt for the latter. Gary convinces the group to finish the pub crawl and then get out of dodge.

The trio has once again struck gold, just like they did with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Director Edgar Wright and writer Simon Pegg do a great job creating witty and creative comedy while also choreographing brilliant fight scenes.

Simon Pegg gives a hilarious performance as the immature, secretly alcoholic 40-something Gary King, who drives the same car, wears the same clothes and acts the same way he has since he was 18. Nick Frost is great as Andy, who initially despises Gary and refuses to drink, but by the second act is downing more shots and racking up more alien robot kills than anyone else. Martin Freeman is hysterical as the awkward yet relatable Oliver. Eddie Marsan, Rosamund Pike and Paddy Considine all give good supporting performances as well.

Another important fact to note is that for a budget of a mere $20 million, the film has some really good special effects.

The World’s End is an absolutely gut-busting sci-fi comedy that is another hit out of the park for Pegg, Frost and Wright.

5 out of 5