Oct. 4 B&A highlights


By Alexis McCartney, contributing reporter

Student Government

Travel Requests Passed

Connor Spielmaker and Brittney Campbell, the Spinnaker station manager, made a travel request of $500 to attend the National Student Electronic Media Conference in San Antonio, TX on Oct. 31. At this conference, peers will be able to learn, share, and network with Communication professionals who can help with leadership skills and career advancement. The request was approved for both students with a 6-1 vote.


The Student Nutrition Club, made a travel request of $1,858.28 to attend a Food and Nutrition Conference Expo in Houston, TX on Oct. 19. At this conference, nutrition students will be amongst over 8,000 dietitians and 350 exhibitors. Students will also learn cutting edge nutrition research. The request was approved 7-0.


Daryl Jones, the chapter president of UNF’s National Society of Black Engineers requested $1,154 for travel funds to attend a Fall Regional Conference in Lexington, KY. He said NSBE conferences increase the number of culturally responsible engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. The request was approved 8-0.


UNF Club Soccer made a travel request of $297.50 to fund lodging expenses after their two scheduled games in Valdosta, GA. The request was approved 6-2.


The Student Physical Therapy Association made a travel request of $1,711.60 to attend the National Student Conclave in Kentucky. At this conference, students within the association will be able to network with physical therapy professionals, get exposure to resources to ease the transition from being a student to professional, and enhance a strong reputation a clinic. The request was approved 7-0.


Amber Stickel, a Marine Biology student at UNF, made an individual travel request for $500 for her trip to New Zealand. Stickel will attend conferences with other Marine Biologists, and also build a foundation for other research projects to feed off on at UNF. Stickel’s request was approved 6-2.


Travel Request Denied

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers made a travel request of $2,400 to attend a conference in Indianapolis, IN on Oct. 30. The conference is an opportunity for engineering companies and corporations to recruit top talent from SHPE membership. It also provides educational, technical and career opportunities for professional and student engineers. There was no motion to pass the request, so request failed.

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