Sex column preface

Carl Rosen

Large_Man_woman_bathroom_signSex: even reading the word evokes some kind of reaction—positive or negative. Our culture has made this specific combination of three letters one of the most loaded words in the English language.

It’s a bizarre notion that the Spinnaker has never had a full-fledged sex column before this. In theory, the Spinnaker is supposed to be the voice of the student populous, and because UNF is filled with sex-crazed, hormone driven college kids, we’ve created a sex column to satiate your curious, carnal needs.

So here it is. We’re sharing our take on sex with you. This column will be composed by three different gender/sexual orientation columnists that will discuss topics that are relevant to sex and our readership. Each columnist will write on the same topic, sharing their own perspective and narrative experiences, allowing for an unbiased variety of opinions. If you’re heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, there will be ideas and opinions for you to relate to, and hopefully insight for you to walk away with.

It is our hope to eradicate the stigma that sex has in everyday conversation. Sex is an activity that is almost as common to humans as breathing is, so why the fudge (I would rather use a different f-word) is it such a taboo? Well forget that—talk about it at the dinner table, or after class. You’re not a criminal for having, or for not having, sex. We want to stretch out your comfort zone and bring you into ours.

It’s going to be a funny, uncomfortable and enlightening ride. Make sure you fasten your libido’s seatbelt.