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UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

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This is not a Valentine’s Day column

February 14, 2014

  I’m not going to tell you where to make dinner reservations tonight. I’m not going to give you a rundown of the best and worst Valentine’s gifts. And I’m not going to tell you about...

Sex column preface

January 28, 2014

Sex: even reading the word evokes some kind of reaction—positive or negative. Our culture has made this specific combination of three letters one of the most loaded words in the English language. It’s...

Snapchat Turned Me into a Hypocrite

November 8, 2013

I was recently Snapchatted a selfie of a girl with a look of disgust on her face. The accompanying text read, “You’re the weirdest snapper I’ve met.” I’m still not sure whether that’s a good...

Social media and sex

November 7, 2013

Social media has snowballed into a sex machine. New apps are being created daily with the hopes of increasing everyone’s chances of getting laid. It’s getting to the point where a simple “like”...

Who does Lulu think she is?

November 7, 2013

The male perspective Imagine a place where a person’s appearance, sexual performance, and overall demeanor are scored on a 1-10 scale, and that person has no control over or access to their rating....

On the jury

September 10, 2013

The man adjacent to me pleaded to the judge, in broken English, that he doesn’t speak or understand English. I overheard him fifteen minutes earlier, speaking perfect English to another Hispanic...

Onslaught of three’s not enough to get UNF out of first round

March 7, 2013

Macon, Ga. -- UNF’s head coach Matthew Driscoll whistled fervently into the dying minutes of the first round game, attempting to call plays for his players as best as he could, but his acute whistle...

Seeing The xx in concert makes their recordings sound flatter than a pancake

February 6, 2013

There are some artistic expressions that are crafted for a specific venue or medium. Select stories are meant for the big screen, and others are able to elicit an emotional response only through...

Girls with Gills

January 30, 2013

The swimmers stepped up to the blocks. Each one had their own pre-swim ritual, whether it was saturating themselves with pool water, jumping up and down, or swishing some pool water around in their...

North Jetty Rippers

November 29, 2012

The beach isn’t typically thought of as a sporting arena. It’s the place where sand castles are made, thongs are occasionally donned, and the ungodly smell of Coppertone saturates the air. But...

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