Introduction: My dream to be a sex columnist

Atera Benasa

Atera Benasa

Reading all the juicy details of someone’s experience or the enlightening “how to” sections of Hustler or even Penthouse, is what has inspired me on my journey to explore sex through writing.

I want to accomplish so much with this column and the accompanying columns of the other sex writers. I want readers to be hooked on reading sex, just like I am. I want to inspire the openness of sex talk to readers who are usually too shy to speak about intimacy.

For the most part, we are all having sex. If we were to randomly select a student at UNF, chances are, whether they admit it or not, they are most likely sexually active. For college students, it’s a way of relieving stress and having some fun. It might be with one person, many or just yourself. But regardless, there is sex going on.

Sadly sex is still considered taboo. If you’re having too much of it, you’re promiscuous. If you’re not doing it enough, you’re a prude. This culturally enforced all-or-nothing mentality is unfortunate. Everyone should be able to talk about it — better yet, everyone should talk about it. Let your freak flag fly without worrying about what people are going to say. If all you do is masturbate, go for it. If you have a different person every day of the week, just be safe. If you and your partner do it six times a day, just make sure you have time to study and watch out for chafing.

So let’s relieve some stress and get on with some sex…columns.