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Sex Column: Pubic Hair

Atera Benasa Photo by Randy Rataj
Atera Benasa
Photo by Randy Rataj

A Hairy Double Standard
by Atera Benasa, Sex Columnist

During the first few months I hit puberty, I thought something was wrong with me. The first time I saw the female anatomy (other than my own, of course) was in Hustler or Playboy, and unlike in the ‘80s and years prior, these women were bald down there. So when I saw hair on myself I thought something was wrong or that I was broken or maybe I really should have been a boy. So like any curious pre-teen, I asked my mom. She gave me “the talk” about how our bodies go through “changes” as we grow up, and that hair will grow in weird places. I said, “Mom, it’s already happened.” She thought I meant my arms or legs, so she went out and brought me my first razor and shave gel. Shaving your pubic region at 12 years old is not the greatest idea, nor is explaining to your mom why you’re itchy down there when the hair starts to grow back in.

But even after that incident, it’s been an issue. Just having a little fuzz apparently is strange. According to my female co-workers, “It’s just not right to have hair down there.” They won’t even wait the two weeks of hair growth that is required for a Brazilian, they would rather go through the hassle of razors, razor bumps, and that terrible grow-back itch than be waxy smooth.

Even though it is a hassle, I still have to agree. Being a young adult female, I feel I should be hairless and smooth, and I see hairy bushes normal for guys. Men shaving down there just sounds well… girly.

Alex Wilson Photo by Randy Rataj
Alex Wilson
Photo by Randy Rataj

Let’s Manscape
by Alex Wilson, Sex Columnist

During the sexual revolution in the 1970s, “au naturale” became the norm for pubic hair. However, it wasn’t too long before popular opinion moved away from the “mature” man who was hairy, or the “natural” woman who didn’t shave. Instead, the era of shaving began.

Today’s trend for women seems to stay fairly consistent: a fully shaved or closely trimmed pubic region. However, according to a survey conducted by hair removal company Nads, women are starting to move away from completely shaving this region. Vocal Hollywood actors such as Cameron Diaz have undoubtedly helped spark this movement. Furthermore, a trend towards more natural, organic ways of life has engrossed today’s youth. Nothing is more organic than a healthy bush.

Meanwhile, men face a fuzzier picture when it comes to the pubic region. Despite a fairly consistent image of women being shaved in media, the male image is a little more confusing.

Men are essentially faced with three options: completely shaved, letting it go or the new popularly coined phrase “manscaping.”

For those who don’t know, “manscaping” is a term that refers to careful shaving, trimming and subsequent management of the pubic region. The goal of this practice is to still have a decent amount of pubic hair while remaining trimmed, neat, and presentable.

By being trimmed and neat, a man keeps from seeming ridiculously bushy and gross while still maintaining an image of “masculinity.” It also, in my opinion, keeps you from looking like a prepubescent boy when you shave completely.

The most important thing in all of this is how you feel about yourself. There should only be two people you are considering when deciding to shave: yourself and your partner. Do what makes you the most comfortable, and if you don’t really care, consult your partner.

Cassidy Alexander Photo by Randy Rataj
Cassidy Alexander
Photo by Randy Rataj

It’s Pubic, Not Public
by Cassidy Alexander, Sex Columnist

Since I was a kid, I’ve been teased for the hair on my legs, arms, and face, thanks to my heritage and my idiot classmates. So imagine my shock and outrage when I found out that even more hair was coming in around middle school.

The question is, should the hair on our pubic regions be shaved or not? The fact that we are musing over what the standard should be worries me. The answer is so simple it makes me want to puke that people aren’t getting it: It’s your choice.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: it is not your responsibility to meet your significant other’s pubic hair preferences. You don’t owe anything to anyone with regard to your body and your comfort.

When I was younger, I thought that all girls shaved between their legs and that boys wouldn’t want anything to do with me if I didn’t do it too. So one night I did it. After almost an hour in the shower trying to get off every bit with a disposable razor, I could hardly sleep that night because it itched so badly. The next day at school, my willpower was put to the ultimate test — I had to sit on my hands to get through my classes and I probably ran to the bathroom five times. It died down after a few days, but the experience was scarring enough that I have never done that again.

While this might be an extreme case, the moral of the story is valuable. In no way, shape or form has my pubic hair or lack thereof deterred any type of my sexual relationships. If it had been an issue, then there wouldn’t have been a relationship. No one who cares about you is going to care about the state of your pubic hair. The only right choice is whatever you choose.

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