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All content by Alex Wilson
A traditional Menorah. Photo courtesy of Pixabay (kevindvt).

The Month of Diversity: Religious Holidays in December

Alex Wilson December 25, 2017

December is a hectic time of year, especially for students. Finals sneak up on you, and the thought of winter break might be the only thing that keeps you going. When it’s finally over, we can all...

Ken Parker

Facebook comments lead to at least one class being cancelled

Pierce Turner, Alex Wilson, and Tiffany Salameh November 14, 2017

  Despite President Delaney’s request for students and faculty to remain calm, at least one professor cancelled class in response to a perceived threat from Ken Parker’s social media...

Dont go hungry: Former President Bill Clinton visits UNF

Don’t go hungry: Former President Bill Clinton visits UNF

Alex Wilson October 31, 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP-xobJX4qM Former President Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to UNF today for the launch of the Center for Nutrition and Food Security (CNFS). The CNFS, which...

Photo by Tiffany Salameh

Protests rage as white nationalist Richard Spencer speaks at UF

Tiffany Salameh, Alex Wilson, and Thomas McCormick October 19, 2017

Tensions were high in Gainesville on Thursday as Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, spoke at the University of Florida. Hundreds of people gathered on UF’s campus, with the...

Zack Morse. Photo by Joseph Simons.

UNF student behind racist video identified as Zack Morse

Alex Wilson and Tiffany Salameh October 12, 2017

Spinnaker confirmed that the Snapchat account which posted the racially controversial video belongs to University of North Florida student Zack Morse. The ROTC on campus also confirmed he is a member...

Cole Poppell, who has also resigned, pictured with Mims.  Photo by Cameron Castillo

Upheaval on the Third Floor: A timeline of the Mims presidency

Alex Wilson October 10, 2017

The past few months have been a roller coaster of conflict within student government. A close election and a rocky start in the spring seems to have set the tone for the Mim's presidency, which is...

Tropical Storm Emily moves across central Florida

Tropical Storm Emily moves across central Florida

Alex Wilson July 31, 2017

Students heading south should travel with caution, as Tropical Storm Emily is expected to make landfall today on the Gulf coast near Tampa, according to the National Hurricane Center. The NHC reports...

Important Dates for Summer 2017

Important Dates for Summer 2017

Alex Wilson May 11, 2017

With so little time between spring and summer semesters, it’s easy to lose track of important deadlines. In an effort to keep summer relaxed, here are the most important deadlines students should...

UNF sorority sister passes away

UNF sorority sister passes away

Alex Wilson December 7, 2015
Members of the UNF Greek community unite in offering their support and honoring Nycole Branch.
The torn jacket from a multicultural fraternity (Sigma Beta Rho) was found hung by a tree near the Green this morning. 
Photo by Blake Allen

Third message from the president: Investigation on-going

Alex Wilson November 21, 2015
President Delaney released a third message regarding the investigation of the hanging of the Sigma Beta Rho jacket.
Photo by Spinnaker Media

Big research money for tiny research project

Alex Wilson September 25, 2015
National Science Foundation issues research grant to three UNF professors from the physics and chemistry department.
Photo by Spinnaker Media

UNF rates “Above Average” on new College Scorecard

Alex Wilson September 25, 2015
The U.S. Department of Education released this year's College Scorecard providing information on universities and colleges.
The road between Lot 12 and Garage 44 will be closed from Sept. 24-27.

Photo by Alex Wilson

Lot 12 traffic disrupted due to repairs

Alex Wilson September 24, 2015
UNF is making the closures in an effort to repair a broken pipe in the area.
Photo courtesy UNF

Student Wellness Complex ranks seventh in Florida buildings

Alex Wilson September 18, 2015
Student Wellness Complex ranks seventh at the American Institute of Architects Florida Convention. This is the second time the UNF building has been recognized by the AIA in the past 2 years.
Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Police Beat: Grand theft auto in the garage

Alex Wilson September 11, 2015
A student reported her white 2000 Toyota 4Runner was stolen after losing track of her keys in the Arena garage.
Yik Yak, an app owned by Instagram, is a popular means of anonymous communication between students at UNF. 

Image courtesy Yik Yak

Bomb threat made on Yik Yak was joke post, user turns himself in

Alex Wilson September 11, 2015
The man told authorities that the post was a joke, and after realizing that people were taking it seriously, he contacted the Jacksonville’s Sheriff's Officer.
Both Jacksonville Fire Rescue and UNFPD were on scene taking care of the student near the Biological Sciences and the Skinner-Jones Hall Buildings.

Photo by Jack Drain

Student passes out near Building 51

Alex Wilson September 10, 2015
Both Jacksonville Fire Rescue and UNFPD were on scene.
Nicholas Hare, 34, Senior Civil Engineering Student. 
Photo courtesy Facebook

UNF student allegedly shot and killed by girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend

Alex Wilson August 31, 2015
A woman's ex-boyfriend breaks into home and shoots her current boyfriend, a UNF engineering student.
Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Police Beat: Three thefts on campus

Alex Wilson August 11, 2015
Two debit cards and a credit card were stolen from an employee's purse, a suspect stole a pair of headphones and two Roku sticks from the UNF Bookstore, and a student's wallet was stolen.
Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Police Beat: Two thefts, bathroom weed found

Alex Wilson August 4, 2015
Two students reported thefts on campus, someone else found and reported marijuana they found in a bathroom stall.
Student dies two days after first solo flight

Student dies two days after first solo flight

Alex Wilson August 3, 2015
Darien Matay was a UNF student majoring in Clinical Psychology and died July 16.
Theta Chi announced as UNF’s newest fraternity

Theta Chi announced as UNF’s newest fraternity

Alex Wilson July 30, 2015
After working to recruit throughout Spring and Summer 2015, Theta Chi petitioned to join the Interfraternity Council at UNF and were offered membership on July 28.
Evacuated students and parents look on while waiting for officals to call an all clear.Michael Herrera

Student union fire alarm caused by cafeteria construction

Alex Wilson July 28, 2015
Construction in the Student Union cafeteria was likely the case of a fire alarm that led to everyone evacuating the building.
Photo by Robert Curtis

Parking changes next week, students advised to certain parking lots

Alex Wilson July 24, 2015
Due to unavailability of parking spaces in Garage 38 and Lot 18 during events next week, students can park in Lot 53 (by Hicks Hall), which requires use of the shuttle, or the second, third and fourth floors of the Fine Arts Parking Garage (Bldg 44).
Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Police Beat: Burglary, staff meeting dispute, stolen flower pots

Alex Wilson July 24, 2015
A student realized items were missing from his car when an officer found his backpack on the side of the road, and more.
A picture of Leone from his Celebration of Life Service at St. Josephs Catholic Church.Photo by Alex Wilson

Jersey Mike’s to hold fundraiser for John Leone

Alex Wilson May 28, 2015
John C. Leone will be honored at a fundraiser where part of the proceeds go towards a scholarship.
United Party candidates sworn in

United Party candidates sworn in

Alex Wilson May 5, 2015
Joseph Turner officially passed the torch to Shomari Gloster. The United Party presidential candidate and his Vice President Hailey Guerra were sworn in in the Student Government Judicial Chambers on May 1 with a reception in Gloster's office afterward.
Oxymoronic: fire in the Aquatic Center

Oxymoronic: fire in the Aquatic Center

Alex Wilson March 17, 2015
The silence that normally accompanies nighttime on campus was broken by the wail of sirens Tuesday, March 17 when a fire broke out around 10 p.m. at the Aquatic Center.
BOT takes spring break to review self-conducted audits

BOT takes spring break to review
self-conducted audits

Alex Wilson March 17, 2015
While most students were sleeping, tanning or traveling, UNF’s Board of Trustees was busy over Spring Break as they reviewed a number of items including several self-conducted audits.
 Police respond to the attempted carjacking on the Northside of Jacksonville. Photo

Something jumped up and bit me: Deputy Police Chief shoots carjacker in the buttocks

Alex Wilson March 17, 2015
UNFPD Deputy Police Chief Charles “Bill” Strudel shot a suspect three times in the butt during a botched carjacking attempt at 10:45 p.m. on March 16, according to a phone interview with Police Chief Frank Mackesy and a police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO.)
Photo by Morgan Purvis

#SWOOPlife: Ospreys get in gear with March Madness Spirit Week

Alex Wilson March 11, 2015
UNF Campus Life is celebrating the men's basketball team's invitation to the Big Dance with a special March Madness Spirit Week. Throughout the week, the Swoop Coupe will be giving away Osprey swag, and the office of Campus Life will be giving out free sidewalk chalk so students can show their Osprey pride by chalking the campus.
Jim Gaffigan has comedy specials available on Netflix and will come to UNF Jan. 19.Photo courtesy Facebook

Comedian Jim Gaffigan to perform at UNF

Alex Wilson January 12, 2015
Osprey Productions announced this year's Homecoming Comedy Show will feature comedian Jim Gaffigan, who will perform Feb. 22.

CNN Legal Analyst Mark O’Mara on race and justice

Alex Wilson October 8, 2014
Lawyer turned Legal Analyst Mark O'Mara visited UNF on Oct. 2 to speak on the topics of race and justice.

Pride and prejudice: breaking down LGBT discrimination

Alex Wilson September 29, 2014
Over the past decade, UNF has made significant improvements in stopping discrimination based on gender or sexuality. From adding a non-discrimination policy to a full-time staffed LGBT Resource Center, UNF continues to advocate for LGBT rights.

Sigma Chi charged with providing alcohol to minors

Alex Wilson July 3, 2014
According to UNF President John Delaney, Sigma Chi is due for reorganization and expulsion of members in the Fall. More specific sanctions will be decided by the university on June 26. JSO has yet to verify that no charges are being pursued concerning the alleged sexual assault.

Archaeology students dig up a little of the past at Big Talbot Island

Alex Wilson June 11, 2014
This year students of Dr. Ashley's Summer A - Archaeological Field Methods are digging up the past at a site on Big Talbot Island. This hands-on unique experience is a full credit class available each summer for interested students--anthro majors and enthusiasts alike.

UNF crisis response teams prepared for on-campus shootings

Alex Wilson June 2, 2014
Do you feel safe at UNF? The school has two teams dedicated to crisis prevention and response, as well as a system derived from FEMA protocols.

Nothin’ but static: SG tunes out Spinnaker broadcast equipment request

Alex Wilson May 27, 2014
In a budget committee meeting last Thursday, SG refused to even vote on the approval of $38,000 for the one-time cost of acquiring the required LPFM equipment. The issue was on the agenda. Spinnaker leaders and its advisor spoke before the committee. But no one on the committee said anything.

Ceramics artwork stolen from alumnus on campus

Alex Wilson May 22, 2014
Rajiv Maraj, a Fine Arts student who graduated this Spring, had left 15 ceramic pieces outside behind the Fine Arts Center near the Photography Lab. They were stolen May 20th.

Driver pulls bat over argument, theft and more

Alex Wilson April 3, 2014
A driver brandished a bat over some harsh words and a middle finger, someone slashed a tire, and a wallet went missing in the library.

FSCJ student charged with Spring Break burglary

Alex Wilson March 27, 2014
UNFPD responded to a suspicious person report and ended up arresting a suspect for a different crime.

Reported hostage situation ends in mystery

Alex Wilson March 26, 2014
A complainant told UNFPD she saw a man in the Osprey Landing court yard taped to a chair with a pillow case over his head.

Driver arrested for marijuana possession, and more

Alex Wilson March 26, 2014
Apparently unlocked car burglarized, and two marijuana cases result in the arrest of a non-student.

Crashed car pulled from retention pond

Alex Wilson March 18, 2014
FHP and UNFPD officers on scene said the victim was driving their vehicle when they lost control and went down the hill and submerged their vehicle.

Sleeping student’s hand used without permission

Alex Wilson March 13, 2014
A student reported to UNFPD that her male friend inappropriately used her hand while she was sleeping.

Golf cart stolen, fourth water fountain broken, and more

Alex Wilson March 8, 2014
UNFPD found a missing golf cart on the wooden walkway between the Hall and Cove, and a fourth instance of a water fountain being ripped down, as well as other thefts and an intoxicated student.

Sex Column: Pubic Hair

Alex Wilson March 5, 2014
To shave or not to shave? It's a hairy situation. Three sex columnists give the low-down on trimming downtown.

Three marijuana busts

Alex Wilson March 4, 2014
A total of four students were sent to Student Conduct for marijuana.

Two students issued Notice To Appear, homeless man taken to Mayo

Alex Wilson February 27, 2014
UNFPD issued two students with a Notice To Appear for marijuana possession, and a homeless man went to the Mayo Clinic.

Dorm Sex: ‘Do you wanna’ watch?

Alex Wilson February 19, 2014
When you’re living in the dorms, sex can be inconvenient -- roommates, RAs, bothersome friends, small beds, and thin walls contribute to the problem.

Cellular disturbance: It pays to have the ringer on

Alex Wilson February 11, 2014

It’s been a fun night, drinks have been had, and the two of you have safely gotten back to the apartment. Things are getting hot and heavy -- real hot and heavy. Ten minutes go by and then you both...

Introduction: Sex mythbusting

Alex Wilson February 3, 2014

Men like to talk about sex. It’s a fact. We joke about it all day long, we think about it constantly and even dream about it at night. But, when it comes to serious conversation, not only is there...

Parking: It’s there, just not where you want it

Alex Wilson November 7, 2013
“There’s always a place to park,” said Vince Smyth, Assistant Vice President of Administration and Finance. “The issue is people want to park right beside their office or class or residence hall. That’s why you end up with what’s perceived as a problem.”

Osprey Racers turn Lot 18 into a racetrack

Alex Wilson September 28, 2013
The Osprey Racers are a student group that was started by students a few years ago all on there own initiative. They are currently preparing for their third racing competition.

Office of Governmental Affairs Created within Student Government

Alex Wilson July 29, 2013
Office of Governmental Affairs Created within Student Government.

State audit questions loan

Alex Wilson April 17, 2013

The state of Florida audited UNF this March due to a loan and several accounting errors. State auditors noted significant deficiencies within UNF’s accounting books. Issues include an overstatement...

Student petition leads to questions about tenure

Alex Wilson April 16, 2013
Student concern sparked a petition this March to have a UNF professor moved to tenure-track.

Interim replacement for VP of Academic Affairs hired

Alex Wilson March 26, 2013
Dr. Earle Traynham will temporarily hold office as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs while the university searches for a permanent replacement.

Religion in America, presented by Ken Starr

Alex Wilson March 7, 2013
Former Solicitor General Ken Starr spoke at UNF on Tuesday about religious freedom in America. His seminar “The Conflict over Religion in America” covered topics from the 9/11 attacks to current civic matters.

VP of Institutional Advancement accepts outside position

Alex Wilson February 21, 2013

After 17 years, Pierre Allaire will step down from his position at UNF. Allaire has held office as vice president of Institutional Advancement and executive director of the UNF Foundation since...

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