FSCJ student charged with Spring Break burglary

Photo by Keri Weiland

Alex Wilson

On March 25, UNFPD received a call about a suspicious person at the Osprey Crossings. On their arrival, the officers arrested the man, who they recognized as Isaiah P. Lewis, the suspect wanted for a Spring Break burglary.

On March 16, two students who live in Osprey Cove left for spring vacation. They left the door unlocked because both roommates lost their keys. According to UNFPD, they returned March 23 to find an iMac Air belonging to one of them had been stolen. The laptop, its charger and its software were estimated to be worth around $2,420.

Not only had something been stolen, but the person responsible also appeared to have resided in the room for an undetermined amount of time. The room was messier than when the students left it, and the once empty garbage can was nearly full.

The students found several items on their return that were not theirs, according to UNFPD’s report. Among these items were an umbrella, a pair of gloves, a pom-pom, a broom and dust pan.

According to UNFPD, the students also found two packages of ramen noodles, a lighter, a Bud-Light, a 2.5 Gal container of Zephyrhills, and a handwritten note that said, “You should not steal school Macs”. It should be noted that the stolen laptop did belong to the victim.

The responding officer ran prints on several items but all results were negative.

During the initial pat-down before Lewis was arrested, he notified the officers that he had marijuana in his front pocket.

Lewis, who is an FSCJ student, is being charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams and burglary. UNFPD also trespassed Lewis and instructed him not to return to campus.

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