Police Beat Hall of Fame


July 24 – Information (Building 58W) – The assistant director for the Student Union (name) was repairing speakers in the second floor auditorium when he fell from the 8-foot ladder he’d been standing on. Though he only displayed minor bruising, Rescue arrived and took him to Baptist Hospital downtown.

Aug. 29 – Underage Intoxication (Building W) – A UPD officer observed two suspects walking away from the Osprey Landing residence hall, when, upon seeing the officer, one of the subjects threw an unopened beer in the bushes. The suspects were carrying three cans of unopened Natural Light beer. One of the suspects was a juvenile and transported to New Beginnings, while UPD referred both subjects to Student Conduct.

Sept. 1 – Damaged Property (Building 34) – Two students were playing racquetball in the UNF Arena, room 1014, when one of the students accidentally fell backward into the plexiglass door, shattering it. Physical Facilities swept up the glass, and the students went to Student Health because of the cuts the falling glass caused.

Sept. 5 – Disagreement (Building A) – UPD was called in reference to a possible fight in the Osprey Village dormitories. When police arrived, a man said that he and a woman were working on some artwork, and she kept receiving text messages. He said that he asked her who was texting her, and she wouldn’t tell him. This led to an argument that resulted in them throwing art supplies on the floor. He said neither of them had touched each other. When police talked to the woman, she said that she wanted to make him jealous, hence the texting. Both subjects live in the Village and have had arguments before. UPD recommended both of them go to Student Conduct.

Sept. 22 – Property Damage (Lot 100) A Parking Services employee in a golf cart was trying to give a student directions, when he accidentally drove into the side of her car. They both went to the Parking Services parking lot and then contacted UPD. There was an estimated $20 worth of damage caused.

Sept. 25 – Information (Building V) – UPD arrived at the Osprey Cove residence hall in response to a student being harassed on Facebook. Someone identified as “Kodak Phantom” began making threats on her Facebook page. After the initial series of threats, a person identified as “Perryy Vistoso” and “Samitera YgurlTweet Smith” began making threats while defending ‘Phantom.’ The student said she does not know who they could be, and UPD advised her to contact them if the situation escalates past computer chat. Patrol efforts were suspended.

Sept. 30 – Disorderly Intoxication (Garage 44) – UPD arrived at parking Garage 44 to find nine subjects on the fourth floor who were thought to be planning to skateboard down the ramp to the third floor. The officer gave one Florida State College at Jacksonville student a verbal warning and referred six students to Student Conduct before letting them go. One student admitted to drinking alcohol but refused to cooperate. After UPD placed him under arrest for disorderly intoxication, he began to scream profanities at the officer. He resisted arrest, but the officer was able to restrain him as he continued to scream and began spitting on the windows. He also spit on an officer, and UPD subsequently pepper sprayed him and placed him in a spit mask. UPD arrested him and booked him in Duval County Jail for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. He was also referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 19 – Accidental Injury (Building 50) – A worker for Martex Services Landscape Management used a chainsaw to cut a tree branch when the chainsaw made contact with his right forearm. He lacerated his arm, and Rescue 50 transported him to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

Nov. 4 – Petty Theft (Building 58W) – UPD was dispatched to the UNF Bookstore in response to a theft. A witness said a white male entered the store and asked a clerk where the Scantrons were. He then picked up two brown Scantrons and left without paying for them. The total cost of the stolen property was valued at 50 cents.

Nov. 5 – Petty Theft (Building Y) – A student reported a theft of keys in the Osprey Landing. Another student also reported a theft of money in his room. He last saw his money clip in his room Nov. 4. The student looking for his keys found the money clip inside a book on his desk, which was returned to its owner. It is unknown how the money clip ended up in the book.