Platforms not published in the Spinnaker


Jessica Amick
Junior, Elementary Education 

My name is Jessica Amick and I am running for YOUR student Senate. I will make your concerns known and your voice heard. Support me on Election Day so I can work for you! Be a Servant, Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy! Vote Red!

Melissa Ashley
Junior, Communication 

Running for senate means taking student’s visions and turning them into reality. As a Senator, I intend to do just that. Students have a voice and it is time for it to be HEARD! Be a Servant, Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy! Vote Red!

Ryan Barhouse
Freshman, Political Science 

I am a newly initiated brother of SAE and I am also a new student at UNF. I would like to bring a freshman perspective to student government. I would also like to give a vibrant voice for the younger students of UNF. GO RED!!!

Nina Guerriero
Senior, Communications 

As your current Senate President Pro-Tempore, I will continue to bring your concerns to the Senate chambers on Monday nights. Let me be your voice! Let’s work together to be a servant, Make a difference, Leave a Legacy! Vote Red!

Sheila Hernandez
Sophomore, Nursing 

As a senator I will ensure that every students’ needs and desires are met. I want to better UNF and make a difference. I will make sure your voices are heard, VOTE RED!

Jarrell Harris
Sophomore, Music/Psychology 

Jarell Harris, a UNF sophomore, is involved in many humanitarian organizations around the campus and is also currently running to become a Senator in Student Government. He is the perfect candidate because of his lively personality, his dedication to his many endeavors, and his genuine love for people.


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