Inside the Huddle


Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
John Weidner
Assistant Sports Editor
Josh Salman
Managing Editor
James Cannon II
Staff Writer
Question 1: The Chicago Cubs were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round, once again failing to meet fans’ expectations. Is this team truly cursed?
No. The fans are content with the mantra “wait until next year,” unlike cities like New York or Boston where teams are expected to produce. The seats will always be full at Wrigley, so there is no sense of urgency for the team. The only thing they are cursed with is a losing mentality. I don’t think too many people in Chicago actually think they could win the World Series. They’re too scared of the curse. No, they just can’t hit in the postseason – like a full batting lineup of A-Rods. Do the Chicago Cubs’ fans still expect greatness?
Question 2: Fantasy Football has evolved into an office standard nationwide. Does this online craze really have anything to do with professional football?
Not really, but it helps casual fans who follow the league in a way they might not have in the past. It’s also about the only way to get anyone to root for kickers. I don’t think so because I feel I know a lot about fooball, yet I never seem to win my matches. Of course. Players know what their fantasy stats were the week before and use them when negotiating contracts. Big fantasy players bring in big dollars for their organization. Somewhat. An above-average level of football statistics are required to do well, however Fantasy Football is primarily a competition between friends and used as bragging rights.
Question 3: Greg Oden made his long-awaited debut Oct. 7 for the Portland Trail Blazers. Is he worth the wait?
Absolutely. The guy is only 20 years old and as sports prognosticators like to say, “he has a huge upside.” The Blazers are terrible, but Oden’s presence down low should make an immediate impact. He’s the final piece of the Blazers puzzle. They will make the playoffs this season. No, like I’ve been saying all along – Kevin Durant should have been the No. 1 pick. People in Florida follow basketball teams in Oregon?
Question 4: A woman was arrested for stalking Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton after she pulled up to his car and fired fake shots with her hand at the vehicle. What would you do if you pulled up alongside Luke Walton?
I’d either do an impression of his dad and tell him he’s “hoooooorible,” or try to trade some Grateful Dead bootlegs with him. I have a killer version of “Dark Star” he might like. I don’t know. I’d probably get away from him as fast as I could. The guy was rumored to be dating Britney Spears last year. He must be crazy. And have you seen the picture of him being kissed by Karl Malone? Terrifying. Tell him he’s not very good and neither is his team. It must be hard only being half the man your father was. Yell at him for getting injured and negatively affecting my Fantasy Basketball season.

Compiled by John Weidner.