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Police Beat: ex-boyfriend makes threats on girl’s life

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

UNFPD was notified on Oct. 14 that an ex-boyfriend made threats toward his ex-girlfriend through texts and tweets sent to the girl’s roommate.

verbalThe ex-boyfriend sent the roommate texts and tweets saying if he had the chance he would kill his ex-girlfriend, who he said ruined his life. He also said he would damage her car.

The roommate said she didn’t take the threats seriously at first, but now believes the subject may be a danger to the girl. The roommate said she erased all the texts.

The girl said her ex-boyfriend stalked her for three months after they broke up in spring. She said her ex-boyfriend would also send numerous texts a day threatening her.

The girl reported the stalking to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office on July 29 and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against her ex-boyfriend. She didn’t have any problems after that, so she let the TRO expire.

When the officer called the ex-boyfriend, he said he couldn’t talk because there were legal issues involved. He said he didn’t know what was going on and had done nothing wrong. The officer told him not to contact the girl or talk to her roommate about her.

A St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office detective told the ex-girlfriend to let UNFPD know about the restraining order when she moved on campus. When she gave her statement, she said a detective had followed up with her in August and she told him everything was fine.

When she heard the subject had been making threats to her through her roommate, she searched her roommate’s phone and found the threats. When she confronted her roommate about it, her roommate got angry that the girl had violated her privacy.

The girl went home after she saw the new threats.

UNFPD was notified of the incident when a third roommate contacted them. She became concerned after the roommate receiving the texts showed her the threats.

The information was referred to Student Conduct.

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