What is wrong with politics? Let’s begin with stereotypes.


Dear Editor,
In the last issue of the Spinnaker, one of the Senate candidates, Jason “Mad Dog” Kroitor, made the following reference: “I will restore fiscal responsibility in the Senate because I’m Jewish, and you know I won’t waste your money!”

There are at least two errors made in this statement. First, Student Government ran a surplus last year. The second, and more concerning error, is that all Jews are good with money.

This is a stereotype that was used to incite violence against the Jews in Europe.

The European governments would not allow Jews to buy land; hence, the Jews had excess money saved.

This all built to the stereotypes that Jews had a lot of money and incited impoverished locals to attack the Jewish community.

Today, stereotypes – whether they are positive or negative – inevitably lead to prejudice.

The Jewish Student Union and many members of the Interfaith Council do not condone this view and hope our local leaders don’t harbor stereotypes or prejudice.

And by the way, “Mad Dog” or Dog is not kosher.

Arthur Omran
Biology, Junior