College students abandoning virtues, values


Many youths don’t believe in waiting until high school for sex, let alone waiting until marriage.

A vast amount of minors experience sexual activities before puberty, according to a study by Ontario

Consultants on Religious Tolerance, which revealed 63 percent of youth aged 14-21 are sexually active. It also reported 70 percent of youth become sexually active before graduating from high school.

So where have the values gone?

Have people thrown out the lectures and speeches about abstinence that were drilled in by parents and sometimes teachers?

Though I don’t claim to know the answers to these questions, I can state there is some light at the end of the

Most youth claim it is very difficult to remain a virgin, but there are a few who have made the choice to keep themselves away from the common mistake of premarital sex.

Many students have taken the advice of their parents and teachers. Some youth want to wait.

There are some virgins still out there in our country.

It is very difficult to remain abstinent in such a sexual atmosphere such as college. Some turn to their religion and make vows to withstand the pressures of society.

That is willpower. And by removing those pressures from their minds, these college students can focus on other things, be more goal-minded and have meaningful conversations.

Maybe one day we can reverse this cycle.

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