SG Legislative B&A Committee Passed Proposed 2010-2011 Budget


Student Government Budget and Allocation hearings for the 2010-2011 fiscal year concluded Feb. 12 with a unanimous vote to approve the budget. The full SG Senate will vote to approve, amend or reject the proposed budget March 1 at 6:30 p.m. in Building 58E in the Senate Chambers. It is open to all concerned students. The following is a list of the approximate allocation numbers for the following clubs, organizations, campus entities and overhead expenditures.

Entities with Increased Funding

Special Projects

Net $40,500 (100 percent increase)

$53,000 (Osprey Tailgate Classic)

-$2,000 (Assorted other tailgates)

Zero Funded Late Night Breakfast and Renting DVDs at the Library

Special Requests

Net: $7,600 (19 percent increase)

Business Overhead

Net: $94,000 (69 percent increase)

SG Legislative

Net: $500 (-.63 percent increase)

$1,000 (SAC Programming)

SG Business and Accounting

Net: $100,008 (20 percent increase)

$59,000 (Web Designer & Developer)

$25,000 (Student Office Asst. [Doubled over 2009-2010])

$25,000 (Staff Development Travel)


Net: $16,000 (15 percent increase)

-$2,500 (Crowd Management)

$1,000 (UPD Security)

$2,000 (Shirts)

$2,000 (Food)

$5,000 (Stage, sound and lighting)

Volunteer Center

Net: $50 (.24 percent increase)

Osprey Productions

Net: $15,000 (4 percent increase)

$19,000 (wages and contracts)

$4,500 (Security)

-$4,800 (Spinnaker Ads)

Child Development Resource Center

Net: $3,800 (14 percent increase)

SG Executive*

Net: -$19,000 (-8 percent decrease)

-$11,000 (Travel – It was moved to its own index)

-$4,000 (Spinnaker Ads)

[$1,000 Cell Phone reimbursement]

* SG Executive direct index decreased, however, funds it would have paid out in years past was given its own direct line item in a separate index. SG Executive actually increased more than $7,000, with the combined indices.

Entities with Decreased Funding

Club Fest

Net: -$200 (-4 percent decrease)

Spring Bash

Net: -$200 (-4 percent decrease)

Arena Wages

Net: -$28,000 (-50 percent decrease)

Intercultural Center for PEACE

Net: -$5,100 (-48 percent decrease)

Aquatic Center

Net: -$9,000 (-18 percent decrease)

Career Services

Net: -$3,309 (-100 percent decrease)

African American Student Union

Net: -$7,000 (-11 percent decrease)

Student Union

Net: -$70,000 (-10 percent decrease)

$7,000 (Student Union wages)

$6,000 (operating expenses)

$2,500 (maintenance repairs)

$6,000 (print and reproduction)

Women’s Center

Net: -$11,000 (-77 percent decrease)

-$10,000 (Programming)

International Center

Net: -$3,900 (-41 percent decrease)

-$2,000 (Food)

-$1,400 (Graduation and Orientation)

-$575 (Awards)

Interfaith Center

Net: -$3,500 (-30 percent decrease)

$-500 (Telephone)

$500 (Religious Awareness Week)

Recreation and Intramural

Net: -$30,000 (-6 percent decrease)

-$7,000 (Student Adventure Leader)

-$15,000 (Eco Adventure Coord)

-$7,000 (Rental Checkout Asst.)

Club Alliance

Net: -$2,000 (-7 percent decrease)

-$1,500 (Printing and reproducing

SG Judicial

Net: -$300 (1 percent decrease)

Salary Reserves

Net: $28,000 (40 percent decrease)


Net: -$10,000 (-15 percent decrease)

[Plus a collective about -$8,000 decrease in Ads from OP and SG. Totals about $18,000 loss.]

Osprey TV

Net: -$5,000 (-10 percent decrease)

-$7,000 (Movies)

Osprey Radio

Net: -$6,400 (-16 percent decrease)

Zero Funded News Director and Repairs & Maintenance

Entities with No Change in Funding

Student Conference Travel

No Changes

Center for Student Media Office

No Changes


No Change

Club Funding

No Changes

Update: The Senate meeting has been rescheduled for March 1