UNF students join 5,000 to hear Sarah Palin


On the heels of the presidential candidates’ stop in the First Coast, Gov. Sarah Palin visited the Jacksonville Landing to speak to more than 5,000 supporters.

Palin continued her role as “attack dog” by alleging Sen. Barack Obama lacks dedication to the troops, supports high tax policies and has an association with domestic terrorist William Ayers.

Among those present, Robert Foster, UNF College Republican president, sparred with the crowd from the high-rises, instigating chants of “Country, First” and “Sarah, Palin.”

“I love that the campaign has really started hitting Sen. Obama on his connections to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, former member of the weather underground,” Foster said. “This is something I don’t really think the American people know about yet and definitely calls into question Sen. Obama’s judgment as both a human being and as an elected official.”

During the rally, Palin questioned why Obama never searched for Ayers on Google to find his record as a domestic terrorist.

But Palin hit Obama hardest on his August 2007 quote that “American troops are just air-raiding villages and killing civilians” in Afghanistan.

“Unlike our opponent, [McCain] isn’t afraid of saying the word victory,” Palin said in her speech.

Palin also called into question Obama’s claim that he will lower taxes for 95 percent of working families. She cited his record of requesting more than a million dollars a day in earmarks since he took office and his proposed government expansion.

She spoke of McCain’s record of fighting big government spending and his willingness to take on corruption and abuses of power.

“McCain actually has a track record of making change happen,” Palin said. “Too often the government is the problem.”

Palin said only one ticket supported job growth and a return to economic stability.

“The cost of living is going up, the value of the paycheck is going down, and that is because of energy costs,” Palin said. “We need an all-of-the-above approach to energy.”

Jim Greer, chairman for the Republican Party of Florida, compared Palin’s record as a governor to both Obama and Sen. Joe Biden. He also said change will come Jan. 29 when McCain and Palin are referred to as Mr. President and Madam Vice President.

“The only way Obama will see the oval office is on a White House tour,” Greer said. “The only call Obama will get at 3 a.m. will be from his campaign manager telling him he lost the election.”

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