Rock the Vote UNF style: Get out, elect future campus shapers


The election season is now upon us. No not the federal and state elections held this November, but rather the Student Government spring 2010 general elections, which are equally important — if not more so — in the day-to-day lives of UNF students.

The ballot box opens March 30 and voting runs through March 31.

Although quite a bit more civil and less contentious, considering the absence of left and right wingnuts and vitriolic political talking points, there are marked differences in the manner and tenor of each of the current crop of candidates and party platforms.

The Spinnaker has noticed this as we’ve gotten to know the presidential tickets relatively well over the course of the past couple months.

We’ve provided equal time for one-on-one interviews with each of the student body presidential candidates and their running mates. We also peppered the candidates with questions when we hosted the first Center for Student Media presidential debate March 8.

After much discussion in the newsroom and at editorial meetings, however, the Spinnaker has decided to stay out of the business of political king-making. We will keep our personal preferences personal and not endorse any candidate or party.

So rather than tell you our opinion, we would much prefer UNF students to get out and participate in the process.

Truth has a tendency to float to the top, and as college students, the Spinnaker believes you are more well-informed and educated than the average American voter.

As such, we’re content to let you, the student body of UNF, decide who should represent us for the next year as the titular leaders of SG.

College is a marketplace of ideas and all candidates should be afforded the right to make their case. So take some time to listen, these folks will be making important decisions regarding your university and the money you spend to go to school here.

Take a little bit of time to peruse the special SG section in this week’s edition of the Spinnaker to acquaint yourselves with the candidates for president, vice president and senate.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the Spinnaker is big on civic engagement. That’s why we do what we do. Our job is to inform you about the pressing issues around and about campus in hopes that you take that information and get involved when the time comes.

As far as SG goes, that time is quickly approaching.

SG is also hosting a debate March 25 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. This is really your last chance to hear what these candidates stand for and seek to accomplish as your elected representatives.

Go to the debate and check ’em out for yourself.

SG doles out about $3.5 million of your money every year. If you are concerned with what your money is, or rather, isn’t being spent on, make your voice heard.

Vote. It’s cool, really.