Inside the Huddle


Jonathan Morales
News Editor
Laura Franco
Assistant Features Editor
Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Chad Smith
Graphic Designer
Question 1: China’s national table tennis team is sending Olympic singles silver medalist Wang Hao to counseling after security stopped him from urinating outside a karaoke club. Is there anyway Hao’s act is justifiable?
Is it really worth fighting for nature’s call? Yes. Whether you fight the urge to urinate outside of a karaoke club or fight the security guard, you’re going down for resisting. Has anyone seen how fast these players hit and return ping pong balls? That fact alone should send the entire team to counseling. I cannot defend the fight, but when you got to go, you got to go. If I was Wang Hao, I would turn and continue urinating on the security guard – telling him that being a two-time Olympic medalist gives me special privileges over him and his rent-a-cop day job.
Question 2: Last year’s Triple Crown flop, Big Brown, is retiring after injuring his right foot in practice. Does the constant turnover of competitors make horse racing more interesting or overdramatic?
I think it depends on how padded Big Brown’s retirement plan is. I also wonder what PETA thinks. Actually, no, I don’t. Everyone affiliated with this “sport” should be ashamed with themselves. Not only is it extremely boring, but subjecting horses to racing is animal abuse. More interesting. Will we ever see a Triple Crown winner again? My guess is no. Although I believe Big Brown’s last race was rigged, it makes for a great headline every year when another horse comes close to making history ever since Seattle Slew last did it in 1978.
Question 3: Magic Johnson recently joined ESPN as a basketball analyst. Is it better to have professional athletes commentate on sports or people who go to school to make a career for themselves commentating?
Analyst, professional, amateur – they’re all still guessing and critiquing. Technically, anybody can do it, but the legends can never be wrong. All I have to say is that after Magic Johnson’s short-lived talk show, he should be banned from commentating altogether. I think you need a combination of both. Former athletes can give first-hand perspective, but too many of them and the show becomes a slang fest. There is an unfair disadvantage for the people who went to school when the next Lebron James is waiting in the wings to snatch their spot the moment he whispers he is retiring.

Question 4: Two players on the Cuban national soccer team are asking the U.S. for political asylum after fleeing from their team preceding a World Cup qualifier verses the U.S. in Washington D.C. Should the U.S. let them stay?
If only soccer officials threw green cards in games. Maybe there was a miscommunication of the rules somewhere along the way. Sure, why not? They’ve already endured enough pain after getting crushed in Saturday’s World Cup qualifying game. If they are any good at soccer, the U.S. government should allow them to live here if they play for our team and bring the Spinnaker staff a box of Cubans. I would welcome them with open arms because we accept everyone. Plus the only face time they will have on television while being mentioned with soccer is the moment they stepped onto our soil.

Compiled by John Weidner.