McCain doesn’t understand economics


Dear Editor,
In the last issue of the Spinnaker, Arielle Schneider made some strong comments regarding the upcoming presidential election. Leaving aside the problematic statement of America’s “Godly heritage,” I would like to comment on her portrayal of the McCain health care and economic plans.

Sen. John McCain, the man who admitted to a Wall Street Journal reporter he needed to be educated on economics, stated the economy was strong while campaigning in Jacksonville. With banks failing, people losing their homes and citizens unable to get affordable health care, perhaps McCain is not in touch with America.

Sen. Barack Obama’s health care plan will allow people and businesses to pick their own plan and coverage that benefits them the most. His goal is to provide affordable preventative care for low-income families. By placing caps on insurance premiums and drug costs, we will be able to find the most affordable health care for our budget.

How is this not competitive?

People will look for the best quality health care service available to them, not those forced upon them by insurance companies. McCain wants to tax health benefits and ignore the rising cost of health care in this country.

Taxes are a good thing. Taxes support the police, military, and the education and justice systems. If you believe the removal of funds from these institutions is more important than buying a car or home you cannot afford, then you are ignoring your duties as a citizen.

McCain calls for economic change and reform constantly. Never mind the cost of the war is at least $100 billion a year with no clear timeline for withdrawal. Never mind the defense department spends $500 billion a year on items that do not contribute to the fight against terror.

I am not convinced that McCain truly gets economics.

Spencer Tyce
Graduate Student, History