Inside the Huddle: Oct. 23, 2015


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Spinnaker Sports is finally getting in some Jacksonville Jaguars coverage, and the beat writers get to show their nerdy side in this week’s Inside the Huddle. UNF Student Government Vice President Jordan Wilson joined Spinnaker Sports as this week’s special respondent. Let’s get started.

UFC fighter and candid nerd Ronda Rousey trained in a Pikachu costume for her SportsCenter promo on Oct. 15. If Rousey were a Pokemon, what would her moves be? (Use actual Pokemon moves or make them up)

CA: Rousey would begin each Pokemon battle with Swagger to confuse her opponents, throw in a Dynamic Punch, then finish them off with a Seismic Toss and a Submission. It’s super effective!

JS: Rousey’s four moves would be Absorb, Acrobatics, Agility and Double Kick.

AH: Apart from teaching nerdy jocks everywhere “harden,” I think “flamethrower” would be her best move because that woman absolutely incinerates Floyd Mayweather on twitter on a regular basis. I’m sure he’ll be pretty salty about it if he ever learns how to read.

JW: UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey has proven to be an incredible force to handle in the octagon. A fighter who seems to be so unstoppable really does make me feel like she has some sort of powers like Pikachu from Pokemon. If she were Pikachu I would have to say some of her coolest moves would be Static Shock, Thunder kick, Electric Wave and maybe The Electric Fusion Illusion.

Where would you rank Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles out of the NFL’s starting QB’s?

CA: Blake Bortles, AKA Ninja Bortles, AKA Bortle Kombat, ranks number 1 in the league in total nicknames. As for producing as a QB, I think Bortles is a top-15 quarterback right now. He’s been taking a beating this year getting sacked 17 times this season, tied for fourth-most in the league. So with a solid offensive line to foster his potential I think Warbortles can sneak into a top-10 ranking as he improves.

JS: I would rank Bortles as the 25th starting QB in the NFL. But he is getting better in his second season with the Jaguars.

AH: Ol’ Bort is like the baby dragon on Game of Thrones. He may not look like much now, but anyone who says he’s a bust just because the jaguars are 1-5 should know that not only has he already thrown as many touchdown passes in 6 games as he threw all last season, but he ranks 6th in the NFL in passing yards. This little dragon is growing up fast and soon he’s going to roast the AFC south once we get some proper leaders for our mismanaged squad.

JW: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and many more all seem to be ruining my fantasy football leagues across the board so far this season. Blake Bortles on the other hand does not seem to be one of these astonishing QBs. However, Bortles definitely is one of the best QBs the Jags have yet to see and I am optimistic that he could move into being one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league by the end of his career.

UNF volleyball has one of the top overall records in the Atlantic Sun half way through the conference schedule. Assuming the Ospreys make it to the A-Sun tournament, what are their chances of coming out as Atlantic Sun Champions?

CA: UNF volleyball’s two losses this past weekend were hiccups, I know they can beat FGCU or Stetson. But while they’ve got the talent to run the table come tourney time, it’s about execution and I’m not sure they’ll get past a strong Lipscomb or FGCU squad when a championship is on the line.

JS: UNF volleyball has a great chance to come out as the Atlantic Sun Champions by the way they are playing so far. If they stay hot, the Ospreys can turn out to be the team to beat in the tournament.

AH: Those women are Amazons, if they play their game like they have all season they got this in the bag. Seriously, our Canadian player Tessa Alyman could probably turn those A-Sun hosers into maple syrup single-handedly.

JW: Being a team practice player for the past few years, I know our lady Ospreys are definitely top in the state. The drive and commitment they put into their sport is unlike any other team I have had the opportunity to watch. Though currently 2-4 in the Atlantic Sun Conference, it is not a hard challenge to move up. I have great faith that our ladies will buckle down and win their conference this year in an unbelievable fashion.

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