Inside the Huddle: Nov. 4, 2015




It’s “No Shave” November! This one’s a two-parter: First, who do you think has the best beard/mustache in sports? Second, who has the best haircut in sports?

CA: James Harden has the beard of a young wizard that clearly lost his shooting magic. While his beard is magnificent, his basketball sorcery has been lacking. Odell Beckham Jr.’s haircut is mystifying. While it might make him look like a reverse-pineapple, there’s something appealing about the style.

JS: The best beard/mustache belongs to James Harden of the Houston Rockets. The best haircut has to be Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams who has dyed his dreads pink in honor of his late mother. It may not be considered a haircut but more an inspirational style.

AH: We live in a world where Andrew Luck’s gross neck beard is the most iconic facial hair in sports, so I’m going to say the Shad Khan’s mustache wins that category. However best hair is an easy one. Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews’ long, flowing mane is unstoppable. They say Odin himself grants him another inch of hair for every sack he gets.

The UNF men’s soccer team (4-0-1 A-Sun) just finished its best regular season ever, while Osprey men’s basketball is coming off of their own “best season ever.” If the two Osprey men’s teams faced off in their respective sports, which team do you think would perform best in the other sport?

CA: There’s no chance that the basketball team would score on the men’s soccer team, but I could see the soccer team draining a few shots on the basketball team. Endurance would be key in either game, but those fútbol players are fast.

JS: With all the running that men’s soccer has to do, I will give this one to them if they ever had to play basketball at a high level. For once they can actually use their hands in a game.

AH: Have you seen how tiny the soccer players are? The basketball boys are big enough to eat them!

Osprey volleyball made a tremendous comeback win 3-2 on the road against Stetson, after being down 2-0. What do you think is the most impressive comeback in sports history?

CA: Back in 2012, Manchester City scored 2 goals in stoppage time to beat Queen’s Park Rangers 3-2. Not only did they win the game, the 2 goals pushed Man. City over Manchester United in goal difference to win the Premier League on the last day of the season.

JS: Sorry to all the Alabama fans. I have to give this to Auburn in the 2013 Iron Bowl where Auburn’s defensive back Chris Davis fielded a short field goal kick in the final seconds before running 109 yards for the victorious touchdown. That is what I call a comeback.

AH: The “Miracle in the Meadowlands” where the Philadelphia Eagles came back 21 points in the last 5 minutes to beat the New York Giants. Michael Vick worked the Giants’ defense like dogs that day…. I could’ve worded that better.

What do you think of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ alternate “gold” jerseys?

CA: I love mustard. On hot dogs, pretzels and French fries, mustard is exceptional. But mustard stains clothing, and it doesn’t look pretty. Putting mustard all over the Jags’ jerseys is ill-fated. Maybe they’ll look a bit more gold and pretty on TV, but at least there isn’t a spotted print on the uniforms.

JS: I think the Jaguars’ alternate “gold” jerseys is one of the few bright spots in their season. Might as well try not to lose with some style.

AH: Yeah, I saw them and I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening. Am I doing this right?

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