Board of Trustees approves tuition increase, enhancement fee


The Board of Trustees met Thursday and approved a motion to increase the tuition and tuition differential for students by seven percent.

This decision comes after the Florida Legislature approved an eight percent increase in tuition over all Florida universities. The increase now stands at 15 percent for undergraduate tuition. The graduate tuition will have a 15 percent increase in tuition, as well.

Vice President Chief of Staff Tom Serwatka presented the plan for increasing tuition to the board before the decision was made by the BOT. The board was given the option by the Florida Legislature to increase out-of-state fees by up to 15 percent, but Serwatka said the BOT would not increase out-of-state tuition any more than it needed to be.

Apart from the tuition fee, the BOT approved the proposition an additional academic enhancement fee to be paid by the students. The fee will support academic advising in order to improve retention and graduation rates. Other benefits may include expansion of distance learning and additional sections to class schedules. The money raised through the fee will also be channeled into transformational learning opportunities (TLOs) and need-based financial aid.