Inside the Huddle: Technical Fowl


Graphic by Caitlyn Broyles


Thanksgiving weekend is prime time for sports fans, so what better way to accompany your gluttonous pigskin-watching rampage than with our unwarranted outlooks on the sporting world?

Turkey day is on Thursday, which for sports fans means watching football all day until you pass out from gobbling up too much of that tryptophan-filled fowl. What are your favorite foods to stuff your face with during holiday games?

CA: My mother is Filipino, which makes for an excellent blend of cuisine from the Philippines and traditional holiday food. Mom’s lumpia and pancit are divine, and I often could care less about the games so long as I’m binging.

JS: My favorite foods to eat are my dad’s stuffing – full of yummy goodness that’s a family secret – and then of course his mac and cheese that he makes like a real MVP. His cooking, plus a full day of football, equals a very successful day of Thanksgiving.

AH:  Everything that’s edible and alcoholic is fair game for me on this sacred day. When people ask me if I’m scared I’ll get sick from eating too much, I quote the great philosopher Ron Swanson and say, “When I eat, it is the food that’s scared.”

40-year-old Lex Luthor-lookalike Matt Hasselbeck is using his old-man game to the fullest as a replacement for injured Colts QB Andrew Luck, and is now 3-0 on the season. Who has the best old-man game (we’ll say 35+) in sports right now?

CA: I’m going to give this one to Tim Duncan because of the longevity of his old-man game. It seems like he’s successfully utilized the old-man skill set for his entire career and he’s been relatively consistent throughout. He’s a sentinel for fundamental basketball, never offering an ounce of style in his game.

JS: As much as I don’t like the Patriots, I have to give this to Tom Brady. He is almost 40 and still picking apart defenses. Brady is completing just over 66 percent of his passes, with 25 touchdowns to only 4 picks. Plus, he’s number two in passer rating so far this season. I’ve got to say, he is the best for old men in sports. Did I mention the Patriots are undefeated? They better thank Brady.

AH: Not Peyton Manning. Tom Brady, on the other hand…

Back to Thanksgiving: as a sports fan, what three things are you most thankful for in the world of sports and why?

CA: First, as a Bulls fan I’m thankful for Jimmy Butler for helping me forget that Derrick Rose guy and his glass legs. Next, I’m thankful for Steph Curry’s beautiful .4 second shot release. I think I speak for most of the NBA fanbase when I say I love watching him play. Finally, I would like to thank Holly Holm for her KO victory over Ronda Rousey, but I doubt that kick will keep Rousey from trash-talking for long.

JS: There are so many things I am thankful for. One is college basketball season picking up, which means more games to look forward to and more upset alerts for the big name schools. My next one would be the college football rivalry weekend, where anything can happen, especially with this playoff system of ours. Then last would probably be having the chance to watch a whole bunch of football games on one day with my family.

AH: One: I’m thankful that the Jags are still somehow in the playoff hunt. Two: I’m thankful that UNF is finally becoming a powerhouse in the A-Sun, because ten more years of this will see us getting bumped up to a conference that matters (Or Coach Driscoll will more likely get snatched by a big school in two or three years, we lose relevance, and were back to square one). Three: I’m grateful the Jags drafted Blake Bortles instead of Johnny Manziel. What a train wreck!

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