Spinnaker Record Club’s Best of 2015: Songs (20-11)


Need You Now [via @Hot_Chip on Twitter]20

Hot Chip

Need You Now


With its pulsing beats and dreamy air, this is a hands-down groovy hit from the London band. “Need You Now” uplifts the semi-angsty lyrics and balances Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard’s vocals with the band’s excellent production. It is a track that was born to be on repeat. – Shannon Pulusan



Sparks [via Sub Pop Records on Facebook]19

Beach House


(Sub Pop)

The Baltimore dream-poppers gave themselves a chance to try something different on Depression Cherry, and they didn’t take it. That chance was this song, a strange, fuzzy beast that’s utterly Beach House, yet also utterly unlike anything they’ve ever made. Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. – Doug Markowitz


Senorita [via Def Jam website]18

Vince Staples


(Def Jam)

“Señorita” is a brutal, defiant track from Vince Staples’ Summertime ‘06, and exemplifies Staples’ classic style and raw sentiment of his experience living in the hood. It challenges any idea an outsider has about rap culture, as it peels back the fraudulent glam of the trap that’s so poorly violated in contemporary hip hop. – Christian Ayers


Them Changes [via Brainfeeder Records website]17


Them Changes


“Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor / And I can’t feel my heart.” So begins this standout from The Beyond, where Thundercat empties himself of more than vital fluids over a groovy, bass-focused instrumental that lets out a quiet uncertainty. Heartbreak and trauma should sound like this more often. – Doug Markowitz


in time [via Young Turks Records website]16 

FKA twigs

in time

(Young Turks)

How do you pick your favorite song off an EP where all five tracks are absolutely outstanding? “in time” is the best of the bunch, showcasing a new, more confident twigs that knows she’s more powerful than those who victimize her. It also doesn’t hurt that this ballad of reconciliation is also a ferocious banger. – Doug Markowitz


Sunday Candy [via Chance the Rapper on Facebook]15

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

Sunday Candy


In this paean to his grandmother, Chance the Rapper hones in on the familial nuances of Sunday with verses that embrace grandma’s loving ways and a hook that remembers going to church. It’s a sweet and clever portrait complete with a theatrical breakdown, a gospel hymn spirit and a nod to the dreaded belt. – Shannon Pulusan


Back to Back Freestyle [via octobersveryown on Soundcloud]14


Back to Back Freestyle

(Young Money)

After days of Twitter beef, Drake chose the perfect way to respond to Meek Mill’s hate: releasing a bangin’ freestyle that took over the Internet. Drake demolishes Meek with stabbing lines and an addictive track for his fans to bump to and for Meek to cry over. – Ari Sinudom



A Message [via Warp Records website]13


A Message

(Warp / Cherry Coffee)

Kelela is almost as good at picking collaborators as she is a vocalist, and for this haunting confessional, she chose underground phenom Arca. The woozy, soothing opener from Hallucinogen is devastating on its own, but check out the brooding video, in which the singer lops off a chunk of hair. – Doug Markowitz



Ezra [via Warp Records Website]12

Oneohtrix Point Never



There are many fragrant flowers in the Garden of Delete, but none with as sweet an odor as this one, named for the character Daniel Lopatin devised as an audience avatar. Rarely has 0PN’s work fusing electronic and acoustic, high art and “dumb” culture, sounded so heartfelt, varied and human. – Doug Markowitz



Brought to the Water [via Deafheaven on Facebook]11


Brought to the Water


Blast beats and shoegazey tones aside, Deafheaven knows how to make you feel like a wild boar rearing its head and spitting at the wind, and the sweeping tale of passions lost on “Brought to the Water” showcases the California-based black metal band at their most formidable. – Kevin Wilson

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