Opinion: Levels of the library

Alex Lassen

Don’t be fooled: V.I.P. access is not needed to enter this club. Just your Osprey1Card. Photo by Michael Herrera

Ah, finals week. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Otherwise known as the four-day crunch when it’s acceptable to sacrifice sanity and sleep in the name of the GPA.

There’s a good chance you’ll be spending some time at the good ol’ Thomas G. Carpenter Library. With four stories encompassing space just a hair under 200,000 square feet, it can be daunting to navigate the way towards your desired destination. Fear not! Here’s a handy guide broken down by floor levels to fully enjoy your time spent at the library:

  • 1st floor: An actual nightclub akin to Suite or Pure. Dogs running around everywhere. Music from basic laptop speakers bumping. You can probably spot a fire pit and maybe even a few people brawling by it. You’ll need to crowd surf your way to the stairs or elevator.
  • 2nd floor: This floor is intended for group studying or homework/papers you just now decided to start in the computer lab. Normal conversation levels are recommended.
  • 3rd floor: People that came to the library to study. Can you imagine that? Whispering and napping are permitted.
  • 4th floor: Drop a pen or breathe too heavily and about 40 people will stop what they’re doing to glare at you.

And, of course, each floor is a judgement-free zone. Your ugly holiday sweater is more than appropriate.

Good luck in completing your courses, and may the curve be with you.

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