Senate: University eyes Student Health Services relocation

Nick Blank

Photo by Nick Blank
Photo by Nick Blank

Student Health Services may be moving off campus, Student Body President Caleb Grantham told senators Wednesday.

Located in the Brooks College of Health, Student Health Services provides students with free diagnosis, consultations and medical referrals. They also provide immunizations, physicals and STD testing at low costs for students.

“The university is looking to provide that service outside of campus,” Grantham said. “They’re going to make use of additional space that the clinic is currently in.”

When asked if outsourcing Student Health Services would save student money, Grantham replied, “It would save revenue, but tuition and fees would probably pay for something else. There’s always a need for funding.”

The university will begin to listen to offers from third-party vendors that meet university requirements. Grantham voiced hesitation about the possibility of moving the services off-campus.

He said a committee will meet next week to further explore the matter.

Chartwells re-up in doubt?

UNF’s contract with Chartwells, a higher education dining corporation, is approaching its end in the spring 2017.

“We’ve begun the process for looking at new vendors or at least opening up to new vendors,” Grantham said.

Grantham said a Student Government committee will meet to address the issue hear student opinions closer to the contract’s end.

“It’s something that’s approaching, but not necessarily a [time-sensitive] issue.”

A food vendor will be selected by March, and the process of doing so will begin in the upcoming fall semester.


The following students were sworn in:

Benjamin Meyers — Spring senate seat

Dawn Dragone — Assistant, Lend-A-Wing

Zachary Mease — Reconfirmed as Club Alliance Director