OP concerts do provide variety


Dear Editor,
In his opinion column last week, John Weidner discussed entertainment brought to campus by Osprey Productions. He lamented that many acts brought by OP in recent years are on “generic top-40 radio stations” and that instead of “bringing in a variety of genres, OP is trying to find generic acts that reach the most people.”

Since OP has a limited budget, it is important to bring acts that appeal to the widest audiences possible. Usually, these artists have music playing on a top-40 radio station. It is the nature of concert booking.

Performers must be chosen and contracted months in advance, and it is a challenge to find acts that maintain popularity all the way through the actual concert date.

To say OP has not brought a variety of genres, however, is incorrect. In just the last two years, country, rap, rock, and punk acts have all taken the stage in the arena.

However, if you are not a fan of the artists OP has brought to UNF, then you can let us know what you would like to see.

As Weidner pointed out, OP conducts surveys to discover what acts students want to see, and these surveys help OP decide what to book.

And the statement about “a smaller budgeted show” leaves out much of what OP does.

In addition to the arena events, OP’s four committees host dozens of other events throughout the year, including open mic nights, karaoke nights, weekly movies, as well as smaller-scale concerts.

And for those who didn’t know about the recent concert at the arena, here’s how in the future: Keep an eye out for signs and banners on your way to class. Join the Facebook group. Check Student Update. Hang on to the flyers we pass out.

Or, even better, come by the office.

You can find out what’s going on, tell us what you want on campus, and you might even find that you’d like to get involved with OP and help put on events.

Evan Rowlands
Sophomore, Journalism