Students support candidates for lack of knowledge


Dear Editor,
I’ll keep this short and sweet though this is something I know I and many other UNF students feel so strongly about.

It is very obvious which party the majority of students on campus are voting for in the upcoming election. I feel some students – not all – support one side for the wrong reasons and lack of information.

I would like to throw out a few points to kick-start everyone’s thinking about why they support their chosen side.

The comparison is easy:  Do you want the government to dictate many aspects of your life, or do you want freedom for the people? Do you want a re-distribution of wealth – also known as socialism – or do you want to continue living and working in a country where hard work is rewarded and everyone has an equal opportunity to excel?

To me, the choice seems clear, and that is why I am most certainly voting Republican.

Since the race is so close between two candidates, I believe people need to think more about fundamentals. I encourage everyone to do a little research on why our country is as great as it is and base their decision on that.

Kehly Werkema
Junior, Nursing