Police Beat


Aug. 4 – Petty Theft (Building 12) – A student reported his wallet missing after he left it on a third floor copy machine in the Library minutes after making copies. He then checked the Library’s front desk and then again Aug. 5 to see if it had been turned in. The Library staff told him it had not. There are no suspects, and the case was suspended.

Aug. 8 – Petty Theft (Building 45) – UPD was contacted when two wallets were stolen from two different pocketbooks. The two victims were on the second floor attending services at Access Church, when they placed their pocketbooks on the floor, and they noticed their wallets were missing when they returned to them. There are no suspects at this time.

Aug. 18 – Property Damage (Front of Building 58) – An employee of Classic Turf sod company damaged a light in front of Building 58. A forklift driver bumped into the light which was attached to the ground while unloading sod. The manager of Classic Turf was notified of the accident, and he advised it was an accident and will pay for the damages.

July 30 – Aug. 20 – Burglary (Osprey Cove) – UPD was contacted Aug. 20 when a student returned to her dorm and realized her flat screen television was missing. She left her dorm July 30 to live with her parents. Before leaving, she placed her television and all her other belongings on her bed. She said she was the only person in her room and had no idea who would take the television.

Aug. 20 – Illness (Building 46) – UPD was contacted when Mary Foley began feeling faint and dizzy. Fire and Rescue arrived and transported her to Mayo Clinic.

compiled by Tia Woods
Source: UPD police reports