'Takers' robs you of your time, money


By Kipin Manning

“Takers” is just like every action flick you have seen in the last 10 years. A group of ragtag criminals plan a heist whilst officers-with-issues try and figure them out. Hyperactive camera cuts and an ensemble cast complete the stock Hollywood action requirements.

The film looks gritty and dirty; everything is washed in blue and shot with a guerrilla feel. Matt Dillon, as the hard-edged police officer, actually looks covered in a thin layer of grime for most of the movie.

Newcomers T.I. and Chris Brown almost keep up with their more seasoned cast mates, and Idris Elba gives a good turn as the Taker’s leader.

The hits never let up and a parkour style chase scene starring Brown steals the show. However, the film is mired in melodrama and cliche. It has a bit of everything but ends up watered down and the real punch never comes.

The Takers want desperately to be taken seriously but lacks polish. Music video style and video game panache make this film the little brother to grown-up action films.