Oct. 15 – Oct. 19


Oct. 15 – Burglary (Building 41) – UPD was dispatched to investigate a burglary from a vehicle.

Because of no forced entry into the vehicle, police concluded the vehicle was not locked. A parking decal was stolen.

There are no known suspects at this time.

Oct. 15 – Theft (Building 26) – The complainant caught a man stealing money from a locker room of the Aquatic Center. Police listed one suspect in the theft case. The suspect was also referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 15 – Damaged property (Lot 18) – The complainant stated his vehicle was scratched while in lot 18 in a hit and run.

Because the scratch was very fine and mostly wiped away when rubbed, the case was closed as non-criminal.

Oct. 16 – Criminal Mischief (Building 44) – UPD was dispatched to parking garage in reference to a report of vandalism.

Upon arrival to the scene the officer observed damage to the elevator’s control panel.

The cost of repair was estimated at $500. No suspects are known.

Oct. 17 – Possession of alcohol (Building X) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Landing in reference to an alcohol investigation.

Three suspects were found with five cans of Natural Lite and two cans of Coors Light beer. All three students were issued Notices to Appear and were referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 17 – Possession of drugs (Lot 11) – When an officer opened the door to his patrol car, he noticed a strong odor of burning marijuana. He noticed two white males about 20 feet away.

He stopped them and patted both of them down. A clear plastic bag of marijuana was found in the pocket of one of the suspects. Both students were referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 19 – Possession of alcohol (Lot 11) – UPD initiated a traffic stop at Lot 11 near Osprey Cove.
While obtaining a student’s identification, the officer noticed an unopened 12 pack of Natural Lite beer and one open bottle of green apple liquor on the right passenger floorboard.

The student was referred to Student Conduct for alcohol violation.

Compiled by Andrea Farah.