The Lion King: Magic on stage


A trip to the annual Collegiate Media Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, this week has proven to be filled with surprises.

Surprise No. 1: Kansas City is filled with really interesting art work – at least the downtown area. I – along with five other staffers from the Spinnaker – was captured for minutes in front of dozens of art statues and murals. Who knew Dorothy came from such a cool place.

No. 2: BBQ in Kansas City rocks.

But the best surprise of all was finding out that The Lion King Broadway tour was stopping in Kansas City – right in front of our hotel. If you have seen it, you know what I mean when I say it is pure magic on stage. The talent was phenomenal and gave me chills throughout the show. The costumes are so intricate and thoughtful – it was as though the Serengeti unfolded right in front of my eyes.

From the opening act, as a giant elephant came stomping down the isle next to me – followed by a baby elephant and others in the circle of life – I knew I was in for a special night.

The show is unlike any that I have ever seen and is one magical moment everyone should get the pleasure of experiencing.

Get a taste of the magic:

Hopefully the next surprise will be coming back to Jacksonville with the “Best of Show” award!