Top 10 Police Beats of 2016

Logan Ansteatt

Graphic by Jay Srivastava
Graphic by Jay Srivastava

Another year has come and gone, and with it we leave behind a backlog of UNF police beats. We saw vandalism in the dorms, garages and on vehicles. There were car crashes and perverts, but what UNF seemed to appreciate the most were drug busts.

2016 seemed to take campus crime to newer, stranger heights. Let’s take a few moments to reminisce by looking at the top 10 most viewed police beats:


  1. No good, rotten kids. The end of the spring semester was highlighted by graffiti and a Fleming Island High School prom drug bust. Nothing quite says freedom like having your parents called over a couple of grams, right?
  1. Need for Weed. A completely tinted window tipped off an officer to a UNF student who was very honest about the illegal items in their vehicle.
  1. Stranger Danger. This girl who was sexually harassed outside the dorms makes me think an Uber probably would have been a better choice for getting home quickly.   
  1.  Drugs. Weed, a stolen refrigerator and various car problems makes for a typical day at UNF.
  1.  Not in the lesson plan. You can learn a lot during an ACE tutoring session. Apparently the definition of battery isn’t supposed to be one of them.  
  1. Scooted. Macklemore called, he wants his Moped back.
  1. Saved the worst for last. They say college will make you broke. For one student, this continued when her stuff was stolen…on her graduation day.
  1. A blend of theft. As seen on tv products aren’t always available in stores. One thief took that notion literally when they stole a Nutribullet blender.
  1. One drug, three trips. In one of our most controversial and read police beats, we saw the scary side of experimenting with drugs. The couple’s LSD overdose also prompted a healthy ethical discussion.

1. Busted. Our top story of the year is the definition of a drug bust. The student was caught with a variety of substances and a history of dealing.


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